Easy and Quick Food to Serve at a Party

It’s the start to the end of Summer.

Lazy days will be gone soon replaced by Autumn days full of school events, sporting games and pumpkin baking.  With the upcoming busy months I wanted to share some easy and quick food ideas to serve at parties.

Maybe you’re preparing for a end of Summer BBQ, or maybe you gearing up for NFL games, or maybe you’re like me and just need a good ol fashioned pizza night once a week to survive.

Here are some ideas that hopefully help you make most of your time through these busy days and nights.

Easy and Quick Food to Serve At a Party_1

Pizza is always a hit, no matter your age.   Pizza is fun for sleepovers for the kids, family movie nights or just a quick meal to have on hand when you need a delicious meal in 20 minutes.  We always have frozen pizzas stocked in our freezer.  These become in handy for us during the basketball season where we come home from Brooklyn Nets games and it’s already 11PM.  Matthew will throw a pizza in the oven for us, I’ll jump in the shower, and then by the time I’m out dinner is served.  I also love the idea of making a pizza your own.  This here is a RED BARON Thin & Crispy Pepperoni Pizza but I sliced up some green peppers and mushrooms and really turned it into a magic pizza.  Don’t be scared to add your own toppings and have fun with it!

Easy and Quick Food to Serve At a Party_3

Fries can be a meal, right?  Ok, maybe they are a side to a delicious burger or some hot dogs, but in my mind fries should be a main dish.  I just love fries, don’t you?  I learned about Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Fast Food Fries last year during a leisurly walk down the frozen food aisle at my local grocery. Fast Food Fries? I had to try them! You’ll need to taste them to believe it but they taste 100% like Fast Food Fries.  I honestly think they are the best frozen fries out there to buy.  I love them so much whenver I see them I stock up… you know, in case I run out of fries! Emergency!

Easy and Quick Food to Serve At a Party_2

Hot Pockets. When you hear that word do you imagine it in Jim Gaffigan’s voice too? I saw him once live and it was fun.  What else is fun? Hot Pockets.  These are a classic snack that I’ve been eating since I was a teenager and they still hold up over time as a great appetizer or snack.  You can even cut each Hot Pocket up into a few slices, let them cool and have them as finger food! By the way I’m totally digging their Garlic Buttery Crust they use now, so delicious!

Easy and Quick Food to Serve At a Party

Finally, where would a party post be without cake? You can’t have a party without cake.  So grab your favorite tea party tableware and let’s eat cake!   I tend to have dessert every single night, it’s become a ritual for us to finish dinner and someone to say “What’s for dessert?”.  Now you can take it easy for a few days without baking and serve up these Single Serving Cake Singles from Edwards.  This here is Hershey’s Chocolate Creme Slice which is layered with chocolate from the chocolate crumb crust to the chocolate and vanilla cream fillings to the chocolate chips and drizzle on top.  These taste amazing and like homemade ice cream cake.   If you’re a dessert lover who loves some single serving options, please find these cake singles – you’ll love them.  I promise. I would never lie about cake.

What are your favorite foods to grab out of the freezer and serve for party nights?

What’s your favorite pizza topping? 

Let me know in the comments!



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