Designing a Reading Nook – Need Help!

 Hey friends! I need your help today!  Please!

I know how stylish you guys are and I trust your decorative touches, so won’t you give me your input?

Please watch this video below I made where I’m asking for your help in my future reading nook!  I want someplace cozy in our loft that I can curl up with some cats, a cup of tea and a book. 

Below are some of my favorite items I saw when browsing online – which ones do you love?
Do you have any suggestions on comments about a reading nook? What does it have to have?  What shouldn’t it have?

Also where should it go?  A corner? In the middle of our loft?  Should it face away from the front entrance so you feel like you have your own little cave to disappear to, or is that bad design? 

Help me!



Castleton Home Storage Lounge
Skyline Furniture
 Velvet Settee Loveseat
TOV Clyde Arm Chair
Skyline Furniture Tufted Settee Loveseat

Coast to Coast Imports One Drawer Cabinet
J. Hunt Home Round End Table
Stein World Painted Treasures End Table


Uttermost Brazoria Floor Lamp
Blu Dot Perimeter Floor Lamp
Wildon Home Duet Floor Lamp
ORE 3 Legged Floor Lamp


Noble House Jewel Black/Red Rug
Noble House Jewel Brown/White Rug
Dash and Albert Rugs Woven Tiki Stripe Rug


DENY Designs Three of the Possessed Crystal Crush Throw Pillow
DENY Designs Valentina Ramos Aaron Polyester Throw Pillow
DENY Designs Garima Dhawan Polyester Throw Pillow
WovenWorkz Betsy Woven Polyester Throw
DENY Designs Andi Bird Woven Polyester Throw Pillow

What items do you love?

Please let me know in the comments and stop back in a few weeks where I’ll reveal my reading nook! 

 Thank you guys!


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  • I love a lounge for reading on. Then you can lie down or sit up and it’s still super comfy. I’d face it away from the door and tuck it into a corner, that way it feels like a separate little area and you aren’t facing all of your distractions, just kitties, tea, and a good book! The blue tables are cute (and I actually have something similar) and I like the pillow on the bottom left. I’ll be no help with lamps — I kind of hate them! When I go for a lamp, I actually get a table lamp though. I feel like you actually get more fun-looking options with a table lamp + even if it’s pretty crazy looking, they’re small enough not to dominate a room.

  • * Gray Chaise lounge.. because it has enough room for a nice blanket and tons of cats and books piled next to you!
    * Blue round table or the white round table – because it screams reading nook table and reading glasses to me and its just really really pretty and it looks like its made to hold a cup of tea! 🙂
    * Red Rug!!! Red is just cozy no matter where you stick it!
    * The old world lamp… it just feels like you want to snuggle up under it with a good book!
    * The red throw because it looks warm and fluffy and red is a gorgeous fall color!

    I am partial to fall colors though so this may all be bias on my part LOL

  • Oh my, I am NO good at decorating, but for a Reading Nook, I would want some sort of a lounge. A regular chair will simply not do. You need to be able to lie back and read, hopefully with a few cats tucked around you. It is so nice to be able to doze off now and again while reading, and with a chair, you really can’t, whereas with a lounge you can. Also, test the lamp to be sure it gives off a pleasant sort of light, and hopefully you can add a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness. Enjoy your nook. I look forward to seeing it.

  • When it comes to retreating to my space I’ve got that bad boy all mapped out, so I took over a corner of my ‘dressing room’ (insert spoilt girl here). My dressing room is actually a spare room, so I keep all my clothes in there. The corner by the window into the garden has a giant double bean bag, I know right….. your thinking eeekkkk right, but its kind of funky….. but hey, it’s comfy all the time, no matter what posture I assume, a little reading lamp, a teeny tiny table for all the necessaries, lamp, book, chocolates, tea & I found a cool throw rug & that’s it. It’s more like my own personal cave, but I love it. Reading nooks are the business. Cant wait to see yours.

  • Pamela – for me, I like a reading nook in a quiet place – but my daughter loves it right in the middle of the noisiest room in the house – preferably by the tv!!!
    Btw – I love that rectangular end table … I cannot wait to see what your nook turns out like..

  • Priority #1: COMFORT.
    #2: Bright and sunny and FUN colors!
    #3: COMFORT.

    I agree that a lounge is ideal, or at least the option of one – a chair with an ottoman. A bright light, a couple pillows, and that’s reallyall you need. A table isn’t necessary, but it is nice, because who reads without tea?

  • I’d go with the grey lounge, the white table, the lamp on the left, the striped rug on the right and the cushion bottom left. I will admit that I am not great at seeing things in my head. 🙂 I think the idea of a reading nook is brilliant. I want one!

  • I commented on your instagram about how much I LOVE the grey chaise (first pictured) but I also love the first blue cabinet with the drawer, the second blue dot floor lamp and the second brown/white rug. Any of those pillows would give it a good pop of color! Can’t wait to see what you pick!

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