December Swap: Snowmen and Cookies

Can you believe it’s almost December – wild, right?
I’ve had alot of fun with the last 2 swaps and am always in awe when receiving such kind and loving packages from my partners.    It really does cheer up your day and you can’t help but smile.
October’s swap was full of Halloween ghouls, November’s swap was full of Warming Spirit, now December’s swap is all about the holidays!

I know the holiday is a busy time for everyone, but why not say you love your fellow bloggers by baking them some homemade cookies that they can Instagram about how delicious they are?  This is the swap for you!  And not only will you be sending them some homemade cookies but you’ll also be sending them a Snowman decoration to add a little holiday cheer to their home.  Snowmen are my favorite part of the holidays, I have a bunch of plush ones that I hug daily during this time of the year.  They make me pretty happy!  And they will make you happy too!


You will send your partner:
-Homemade Baked Cookies
-A Snowman Decoration of your choosing (ideas: cookie plate, mug, tree ornament, wreaths, home/table decorations, etc)
-Something Written saying Hello!


How it works:
You sign up here (click this link for the form). Sign ups end December 3.
I will send out a email with swap partners by December 5. You and your partner contact one another and exchange mailing addresses over email.  Please ask them about allergies or dislikes as this is a cookie based swap.
You send each other the swap contents.
You become friends for life.

Anyone can sign up – but you will only be paired with someone in your own country. US to US, Canada to Canada, Australia to Australia, UK to UK, etc. If no one signs up from your country, then you don’t have to swap.
Your swap must be sent out by December 15.
Brooklyn Farm Girl is not held responsible for swaps not sent or received.



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