What I LOVE: My Awesome Dad and his Garden Peppers

In this new series, I’m sharing current things that I love.  Maybe it’s cats, maybe it’s a new restaurant, maybe it’s a new cookie, maybe it’s… anything!

The title of this should also read: Dad’s Green Peppers, AKA My Dad Is Cool

We grow peppers and they do pretty good.  We grow bell peppers and jalapeno peppers and we pick multiple pounds a week.  But then my dad shows up and shows me how he grows them in Pennsylvania.  Goodness gracious, Pennsylvania grows them good.  

Every year my dad starts a garden in the back yard.  As a kid we had a very small yard but he would still grow tomatoes.  The tomatoes would grow so tall they would block the kitchen window.  It also made it easy because we could use the sink hose to water these tomatoes out the window.   My dad moved into a new house a few years ago and he has a much larger garden area now.  Every Spring he buys his plants from farmers and he always buys alot more than one person usually buys.  And every year halfway during the Summer he tells me he’s never buying them again because he has too many.  And then the next year comes around and he does the same thing.  And this Summer he continued this tradition and bought even more.  My dad has over 20 pepper plants, for one man.  I laugh because it’s funny, cute and amazing all at the same time. 

A few weeks ago when he started planting the peppers he made a joke that he would ship me them as they started to grow. I laughed.

So you can imagine that I burst into laughter when a big box appeared at my door and when opening it up, I saw this:

 Dad Rules Green Peppers_1

 That’s right, my dad shipped me peppers.

Of course my spies first sniffed out the box.  Just in case, you know.
Dad Rules Green Peppers_2

Yup, that’s one giant box full of layers and layers of peppers.  As soon as I opened the box I sat on the floor and giggled for minutes.  It basically made my day and even my week. It was such a sweet gesture and a funny one too.  I immediately sent him a email and then followed up up with a phone call telling him how awesome he was. 

Now look at the size of these peppers.  We grow average peppers and then he grows these giants which just puts us to shame.  Ok, he grows them in the ground and we grow them on a rooftop so I’m going to use that a excuse but I have to admit his pepper game is strong.

Dad Rules Green Peppers_3

 Dad Rules Green Peppers_4

His peppers are green, they’re orange, they’re yellow and they’re all gorgeous.  

Dad Rules Green Peppers_5

Dad Rules Green Peppers_6

Dad Rules Green Peppers_7

Dad Rules Green Peppers_8

Dad Rules Green Peppers_9

Seriously guys, peppers for days!
Dad Rules Green Peppers_10

Dad Rules Green Peppers_11

Dad Rules Green Peppers_12

They are such beauties, aren’t they?
Immediately I made stuffed pepper casserole.  Then I took a bunch to roast to freeze for the winter.  And tonight is stuffed pepper soup.  I’m in love.
What’s your favorite peppers recipes?

Thanks Dad, you rule.


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