Custom Wrapping Paper Ideas

April 30.  It’s a memorable day. Today it’s especially memorable as it’s April 30 and my boy Matthew is turning 30.  What will happen this decade?  We both have no idea.

I am a birthday fanatic.  I am that person on Facebook who is posting photos of google image search cakes with your name written in icing, I am sending you birthday cards in the mail that have a envelope covered in glitter and stickers,  I am tracking down presents that I desperately hope will make you smile,  I am emailing you videos of me singing happy birthday (totally out of tune), I am making you birthday cupcakes full of funfetti sprinkle love.  I have a entire drawer full of birthday cards, I’m a Etsy birthday card buyer-aholic. I love birthdays!

One thing I love about birthdays is trying to make everything special and custom as possible, including the wrapping paper. I know birthdays aren’t just about birthday presents, but who doesn’t like receiving presents?  Especially when they are prettily wrapped!

 While wrapping all of Matthew’s presents I wanted to come up with ideas that were fun, colorful and semi related to what the contents were inside.  For example, the pizza wrapping paper holds ceramic custom pizza painted dinner plates that I had a artist make for him.   

I find that brown paper works well for wrapping paper.  Around Christmas time I usually make snowman or Christmas light stamps that I mark all over the paper.  It’s just something special that makes that gift recipient know how much you love them.  

The supplies you need are simple: a roll of brown paper, markers, neon crayons, stickers, colorful tape, stickers.  I also have a wild collection of scrap booking paper that I find works great to wrap small gifts (so you only use one piece) or you just tape the scrap booking paper together for larger gifts.  


For this one I just taped multiple colors of bright paper together with this Monster tape that I bought last year. 

I found this tape at Target and nearly fainted when I found it. I love monsters!

We love pizza.  Most people know we’re slightly obsessed with pizza.   We’ve been known to throw pizza parties, eat pizza for  many nights every week, do art projects based on our love for pizza.  We even have a pizza costume suit (maybe a picture of that one day).

So because both of these presents have pizza themed gifts inside, the wrapping paper was a must.

Pizza! Pizza!

I was going to draw bright yellow smiley faces all over but at the last second decided to go with neon dots.

Polka dots are one of my favorite patterns, especially big colorful  ones.  


For this one, you might think the gift inside is shaped like the wrapping paper, but it’s  not.  The gift inside is a regular rectangle shape, but I love wrapping up sides to gifts to make it interesting with a handle.  

Happy Birthday to my bones, Matthew!  I remember your birthday 10 years when I wrapped your present in construction paper and duct tape, looks like things haven’t changed that much! Turtle kisses to you.



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  • Awesome ideas. I’m always looking for different ways to make my gifts a bit more unique and thoughtful. I actually thinking of using my son’s art from school and printing my own wrapping paper (did something last Xmas with his photos and ordered it from here – ), but I’ll think I’ll switch it up and try something more like this for my next gifts.

    Thanks Pamela!

    • Hey Christine – I absolutely love the idea of printing your son’s art work on wrapping paper. My husband has wrapped me a few gifts of a graphic design pattern he made that is special to me and just printed it out on regular printer paper in black/white which came out wonderful and nearly (ok it did) made me cry!

    • Thanks! I find it fun to get a little more homemade when wrapping presents. I love working with strings and stickers too… but with 4 cats, strings aren’t easy to work with. 🙂

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