Cooking In The Kitchen at Bon Appétit With Hunt’s Tomatoes and Epicurious!

Late last year I had the pleasure of cooking in the Bon Appétit Kitchen at 1 World Trade Center for Hunt’s Tomatoes!  There I made Ricotta, Basil, and Tomato Tea Sandwiches and Cheesy Taco Casserole while admiring their beautiful kitchen and dreaming it was my own.  During the day I created 2 how to recipe videos, while working with a great team who wheeled in carts full of props that I got to ogle at.

First, let me show you the videos! I hope you like them both!

Cheesy Taco Casserole

Ricotta, Basil, and Tomato Tea Sandwiches

Here are some photos I took during the day.  Everyone was so nice on set and I loved watching the food stylist work her magic.  

This is where the shoot took place.  This is 1 World Trade Center.

 Welcome to the kitchen!  My favorite appliance was their ovens.  I could just sit and stare at their ovens all day long.  But then I came home and  gave my old, maybe not as pretty stove a little pat hello because it still creates magic.


Some people might pretend to eat on camera, but some people really do eat.  I really do eat.  Those tea sandwiches were delicious! 

Here are some of the props and a kitchen hallway full of more plates and bowls.


Not to spoil the magic for you, but all I really did was give them the recipe, smile at the camera and eat.  Ok, maybe that’s not really it, but the hard work was done behind the scenes.  They supplied the ingredients, cooked the dishes in steps and made everything look pretty.   There was a kitchen behind the kitchen I’m in that was cooking the dishes and chopping the ingredients.   They would put a beautiful casserole in the oven for me and I would pull it out. I wish already cooked casseroles would always be waiting for me in the oven!


She’s doing the casserole’s makeup by adding a little shine on top.  There’s lots of work that goes into creating a pretty casserole!


Hope you enjoyed my trip to the Bon Appétit Kitchen! I had lots of fun that day.  Thanks to everyone for being so nice to help create my recipe videos. 🙂


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