Come Grocery Shopping With Me!

Do you like grocery shopping?  How often do you do it?  I’ve written before about how I do a fair amount of my shopping online so I wanted to introduce you guys to a new service called Farmigo which is a online farmers market that empowers families to eat better, bypassing the supermarket. 


We had a explosion of vegetables during the Summer months to the point that we don’t usually buy any produce for a few solid months.  I know not everyone has their own garden though so Farmigo is great for those that still fresh vegetables while supporting local farmers.     You’ll see below that I did use Farmigo to order meats, cheeses, breads and a couple vegetables we don’t grow.   Their selection is wide and varied on the season.  I think Farmigo is great because unlike a CSA where you get a box of surprises, here you get to pick what you want.  If you are meal planning for the week then you know you’ll need tomatoes, basil, corn, hot dogs and hot dog buns.   This won’t result in you getting a box full of 4 heads of lettuce and figuring out what the heck you’re going to do do with them.  

(Yummy cheeses!)

What you do is order  your locally-sourced produce, meats, and snacks through the Farmigo website.  It will then tell you what day and what hour your pickup is.  It will also alert you if anything is out of stock so no surprises when picking it up (that’s the worst!).  This is all community based so you will be picking your order up from someone’s house or a public school.   The best part is that everything is harvested within 48 hours of when you pick up so the freshness is great. Another great part is there is no minimum orders and there’s no delivery fees.  You just show up at your pickup time and get your fresh food.

(Of course my hot dog rolls have a cat on them!)

Farmigo is located in NYC and San Francisco but I hope it will be expanding into other locations soon enough.  It’s really a great idea!  If you’re in NYC or San Fran I hope you check it out!  I’m actually so pumped by it I’m thinking about becoming a Community Organizer myself!


Look at those mushrooms!

I bought these pretzel rolls to have with meals.  The description said they were delicious and that I should buy 2 packs so I did.  It was a lie. I should have bought 8 packs because they are that good.  You might see me walking down the sidewalk just eating a pretzel roll.  So yummy!

Currently obsessed with apple sauce.  Always obsessed with ricotta cheese.

Here’s a few of the meats we got.  We also got some ground beef for burgers (pretzel roll!) and a nice sirloin steak.  

I let Matthew pick out the meats this week and he got us a great big beautiful ham.  I’ve heard great things about Brooklyn Cured so I’m excited to try this!  


Hope you liked going grocery shopping with me!



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  • This is such a fun post! Farmigo sounds awesome! Love that you get to pick what you want unlike a CSA. Those cats on the hot dog buns are too cute 🙂

  • I go grocery shopping more than I think I should because I live alone. But I have fresh veggies and fruits—so there you go. I work full time too. I feel blessed that we live in a country that has such a huge amount of choices at the grocery stores, but I don’t really like to shop. I don’t mind the shopping part, but I don’t like unloading the car and putting everything away. I used to have big gardens, but not anymore. I do grow herbs still and have fruit trees. It’s wonderful to pick your own straight from the garden. Now I grow flowers, which is fun to pick and turn into bouquets too. And some of them you
    can eat. I put nasturtiums in my salads.

  • Such a fun post! I would like grocery shopping A LOT more if I didn’t work full-time and could go on slow Monday afternoon 🙂 Saturday mornings at the crowded grocery store aren’t as fun. I’m lucky that my husband goes for me a lot, but always feel like I’m missing out on wandering around and coming up with new and fun ideas!!

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