Christmas Times With My Furry Babies + Happy Holidays to YOU!

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First of all, I want to wish you all a lovely holiday.  I know it sounds cheesy but I really do love you all and when you visit Brooklyn Farm Girl it gets me so excited I just want to grab a snowman and dance.   I hope it’s a special holiday for your entire family (including furry ones, especially furry ones!) and you smile alot and eat many cookies.  Here’s my holiday photo.. from me to you (shown here our 2 stuffed frogs – names are The Grandpas!).  We got this taken at the local mall where I grew up in Pennsylvania when we were visiting last weekend. :D)

This year’s Christmas morning is going to be different than our past 10 others.   This will be our first Christmas without our cookie bear Essy.  On Christmas morning she was sassy (how we love her), ready for her catnip treats and mentally preparing herself for her favorite time of the day, dinner.  There she fell in love with every turkey we made and after eating a bowl (or more) she would purr on our laps with happiness.WP_20130120_00520130120125656.jpg

Essy was the Queen of the house and all the other cats respected her age.  At the age of almost 20 last year, she continued to keep the cats all in line.   Occasionally she still let us put a bow on her.. even though it would only last for 8 seconds. 🙂

Xanadu is probably the most wild on Christmas morning.  She’s in and out of the wrapping paper, chasing bows, trying to open your presents for you, diving into open bags.  She lives for opening packages and finding out what’s inside of them.  Every year my dad spoils her entirely with so many toys. 


Let me see what’s in this bag..

Letting us dress her up a little bit because she wants those treats in her stocking.
I am Queen.

And there’s that year that my Dad got me a Xanadu sweatshirt.  Xanadu is our star.

Brother Bear is naturally relaxed.  He’s more of a guy who just likes to chill.  You’ll show him new toys and he’ll just nod in agreement saying “I might play with that later”.  


photo 1.JPG

What he really wants though is some yummy food and to take a nap afterwards.  Preferably on my side of the bed leaving my pillow with black fur all over it.

FiFi Bofinkles is more like Xanadu, a wild woman.  She wants to sneak into presents and if she gets a sniff of catnip, she’s going to begin scratching that present until it’s hers.

She’ll also peek at you under the tree to make sure you’re being good.

What Bofinkles provides on Christmas morning is plenty of hugs though.   She’ll be on my lap for at least half of the day.  She’ll also try to share any holiday cookies with me that I’ll be eating.  By sharing I mean she will steal them. 
photo 2.JPG

Now this year there is a little change, it will be Goblin’s first Christmas.   Goblin is a crazy little guy who is just like Xanadu in terms of running around, getting into everything and wanting to explore.   I know when sees that first wrapping paper crumbled up on the floor he’s going to think it’s the greatest day ever.  I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures for Goblin’s first Christmas.
Goblin and Xanadu Reindeer_4

Goblin thinks Christmas is the greatest time ever. Every single thing is a new fantastic toy to him.    #goblin #cats #cat #persiancat #Persian #fluffy #fluffball #kitten #furry #catsofinstagram #greycat  #persiancatsofinstagram #meow  #petsofinstagram #C

He also loves passing out under the tree after breakfast.
Goblin Upside Down

What makes a great stocking stuffer? (Oh yeah, all the cats have their own stocking!).
Stockings are hung for our Meowza family!  Matthew, Essy, Xanadu, Goblin, Brother, Fifi Bofinkles, Pamela.  Have a great holiday, love you all! #stockings #cats #catsofinstagram #catlady #christmas #diy #home #andross #starfox #robot

Food of course.  Besides the wrapping paper and boxes they’ll be attacking for hours, you know they’ll work up quite a appetite!

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What are your Christmas traditions with your pets?

Have a great one friends!

(Can you spot Goblin?)

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