Christmas Dreaming with a Modern Kitchen and Decorations

I know it’s only the second week of November, but Christmas is in the air.  I went into a store yesterday and they had a life size Santa Claus dancing to a beat.  Ok first of all, I have no idea how tall Santa would be to be life size but I would imagine he’s “average”.  Also the dancing Santa was a bit creepy, especially because his eyes followed you.  But that’s besides the point.  I’m really excited for the holidays and I can’t wait to start decorating, so enter the planning phase.

I’ve given you peeks into our home here and here.  We live in a loft with 12 foot ceilings and a wide open living area.  When it’s Christmas we get a giant tree (that always is a adventure getting it out of here) and decorate our hearts out.  We love color, we love kitsch but we also love modern  lines.   That’s why when it comes to decorating I like to do a mixture to bring the worlds of smiling snowmen and sleek trees and lighting together. 

Here’s our home sweet home.

 I love our home, but my dream list is a bath tub (I know – 10 years without one!) and a updated kitchen.  Have you seen GE Café™ Series?  Gosh, I want all of their appliances!  Looking at them just makes me cry with jealousy and happiness.  Maybe Santa will read this and know I’ve been a very good girl for Christmas.  Can we take a minute and marvel at how great these would look in our place? Imagine the sweet smell of cookies and savory casseroles that I could make with these. 

Someone hold me up because I might faint. What kitchen envy I have right now.

So if Santa is reading this, just add GE Café appliances to my wishlist. That’s all.  Ok, some fudge too.  And yes, a cat ring.  Ok, that’s all.  Because some of my appliances are from the dark ages (they came with the loft many years ago) I want appliances that bring restaurant style food with the home living element.   The holidays are the best time where families gather in the kitchen, both expert bakers and those that leave the cookies in for 10 more minutes and set off the fire alarm.  With these appliances you’re getting the slick modern design while helping your meals become masterpieces just like the best chefs in restaurants.   I need a GE Café Series cooktop like this because each burner is specialized for precise boiling, simmering and searing, unlike my burners right now that are random and totally not precise.  If you live in your kitchen or spend many hours there like I do, then I know you’re dreaming along side of me right now.

Along with my dream appliances and my already happy loft, I need to start dreaming up how to decorate for the holidays.  When those Peanut Butter Blossoms (recipe from Matthew’s mom!) are baking in the oven, I want to sit in my favorite chair with a nice cup of tea, kitty on my lap and look around at pretty decorations.  So here’s some of my favorites that I’m looking forward to crafting!


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