Chocolate Fudge, One of My Favorite Holiday Recipes

Hold on, there’s a Christmas party? With fudge? And holiday recipes?  And sparkly trees that I can knock down on the floor?  I’m invited right?

Of course you are Goblin…
Nestle Fudge Holiday 2014 _2

Can you smell the holidays in the air?  Can you taste it?  Can you hear it?  I’m smelling Pine Trees, tasting my favorite Chocolate Fudge and blasting Mariah’s classic Christmas tune.  Oh did I mention I’m done shopping?  Yeah, I’m feeling the holidays… but I need to stop eating this fudge!  Fudge is one of my favorite treats, ever.  Which means I’m in pure danger around it.  Have you ever made fudge and only ate one piece? I know, it’s impossible. But this Chocolate Fudge is so good…

 Chocolate Fudge

It’s made with NESTLÉ® CARNATION® Famous Fudge Kit which is one of the best fudge kits ever.  It’s loved by generations and around this time of the year it’s flying off the shelves.  You can even  give this fudge kit as a gift as it it’s ready to be made! It makes over 1½ pounds of fudge per batch.  To give it a little more holiday spirit and some sour to balance that sweet, I crumbled up WONKA® SWEETARTS® Candy Canes and put it on top.  So every single bite has a little crunch on top and pure chocolaty smoothness on bottom.  The Candy Canes come in 3 tangy, fruity flavors, including Blue Punch, Green Apple and Cherry.  

 Whenever we throw our own holiday party or Secret Santa event, I love serving fudge.  It’s a holiday favorite and almost everyone comes back for 3rds.  To make it more festive, I put each piece of fudge into mini cupcake liners and put on a cupcake stand.
Nestle Fudge Holiday 2014 _4

Nestle Fudge Holiday 2014 _10

Nestle Fudge Holiday 2014 _9

I decorate the stand with a few holiday balls too to add more sparkle!
Nestle Fudge Holiday 2014 _5 

Nestle Fudge Holiday 2014 _6

Another reason why I love this fudge is how easy it is to make.  This is great to have during the holidays as it’s a delicious last minute treat that you can make if you find out you’re going to someone’s house or having unexpected guests over.    With the fudge all taken are of, you can concentrate on the more important things – like what holiday socks you’re going to wear!
Nestle Fudge Holiday 2014 _7

Nestle Fudge Holiday 2014 _8    

The funny part is that when I asked Matthew to help me make the fudge, I left him in the kitchen for 3 minutes alone and told him to keep stirring as it was boiling.  I came back into the kitchen to find this…. thanks for your help darling!
It's not the holidays until I tell @matthewrader to help me make fudge and I walk into the kitchen to find this. #holidays #food #baking #fudge #christmas #love #nasa #chocolate

We just got our tree a week ago.  We always root through the trees until we find that one we love. Usually it involves being the biggest one in the back so Matthew has to pull every tree out while I stand off to the side cheering him on and posting his photo on Instagram.   After we finally get home with it (NYC = most likely no car) then we get it situated.  There is usually a few branches that need to be cut off but I feel such love for the entire tree that we can never let the branches go to waste! A easy way to is to create your own flower arrangements is putting white or red flowers in the middle, surrounded by tree branches.

Nestle Fudge Holiday 2014 _13

It smells amazing too.
Nestle Fudge Holiday 2014 _12 

Secret Santa is one of my favorite holiday activities and it’s guaranteed to be a highlight of the night.  It’s fun to see what what everyone gives one another.  After Secret Santa is over, why not head out for some outside fun?  If you live in a neighborhood that loves their Christmas lights then go out and visit them.  If you’re in NYC you must check out Dyker Heights, it’s the best place for Christmas lights!


Feeling more adventourous on a cold night?  Grab some sparklers and go make shapes with your party go-ers!  

Happy Holidays everyone!

Get your fudge on!


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