Cauliflower Harvest

Be still my heart, we have grown cauliflower.
Cauliflower Harvest WP_20130611_02120130611193345

Beautiful cauliflower.
Cauliflower HarvestIMG_2986

Big cauliflower (alongside Big Brother Bear).
Cauliflower HarvestIMG_2985

Delicious cauliflower.
Cauliflower HarvestIMG_2993

Many of them.
Cauliflower Harvest WP_20130607_007

Oh cauliflower, you made my day.  My week.  My year.

In the past we haven’t had great success with cauliflower.  The heads we grew were on the small size, definitely not enough for a meal.   There was issues of containers, aphids, hurricanes, frost.  There was never a issue of love though, that’s for sure.  So this year when everything aligned just right, the broccoli finished growing… and then the cauliflower appeared.   It was a beautiful moment.  I cheered. I grabbed Matthew’s hand.  We danced around the containers.  Spectators watched in confusion as I hoisted cauliflower onto my shoulders and paraded them around the roof.  The other plants cheered.  

I remember where you were just a little seeding baby.  Do you remember?
Cauliflower Harvest Seedling

Then one day I saw your little head poke out.  My heart jumped. 
Cauliflower Harvest WP_20130527_016

And do you remember that cold, rainy day where we harvested the first one?  I was ecstatic. I might have cried.
Cauliflower Harvest WP_20130607_01120130607190119

I liked to play peek-a-boo with you.
Cauliflower Harvest WP_20130611_02420130611193838

And then there was so  many of you.
Cauliflower Harvest WP_20130611_003

Cauliflower Harvest WP_20130607_006

Some days we would pick 3.
Cauliflower Harvest Camera360_2013_6_10_065358

Some days 1.
Cauliflower HarvestIMG_2987

Some days 2.
Cauliflower Harvest WP_20130611_017

And another 3.
Cauliflower Harvest WP_20130611_037

Your entire plant is so pretty, look at the bottom.  How are you so perfect?
Cauliflower Harvest WP_20130611_028

You’re just real great cauliflower, that’s not much more to say. 
Cauliflower HarvestIMG_2972

Thanks for a good season cauliflower!
Cauliflower recipes coming soon!


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