Tea swaps are fun. It's a opportunity to try new teas and meet a new friend. Sign up on this page if you want to become my tea swap partner!

Do you like tea? Me too.
Do you like to try new teas? Me too.
Do you want to do a tea swap?

Tea swaps are fun.  It’s a opportunity to try new teas and meet a new friend.
The way a tea swap works is that you send me a email saying you’d like to participate.  I’ll respond back happily and we can exchange information.  I’ll send you a small package of teas in the mail, you send the same to me.      Swaps are easy to send, usually it’s just a few different teas to try, alongside a sweet if you want, and a letter/postcard saying hello.   The most important part is the tea… and making each other smile!

Want to do a tea swap?  Email me!

Talk to you soon,
<3 Pamela

From time to time I will run group tea swaps.  Make sure to sign up for my newsletter to be informed when a group tea swap is running! 


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