Here is all the information about how I host and design Brooklyn Farm Girl.   I made this page to hopefully help you if you are thinking about making your own blog or if you are looking for a change in your current one.     If you have any other questions shoot me an email.  


I use Namecheap to host Brooklyn Farm Girl.  We use them for all of our professional websites.  They have live chat customer service which is very helpful and you can usually solve a issue within minutes.  They do web hosting and domain registration.

I use Meks Seashell theme from Themeforest for the design of Brooklyn Farm Girl.  The theme is fully responsive which is important for multi cross platforms.  It was $35.  They also have hundreds of other themes to check out so you can get the perfect design for your blog. 


For light I use natural sunlight when I can.  For night time dinners and Winter time photography when the sun sets early I use Lowell EGO lights.  These lights are awesome and mimic sunlight.  I started out with one light and then got two of them, depending on my mood for shadows I will use 1 or 2 of them.  You can see a post here that I used them for. Looks like natural light, right? You can check out the lights here.

(Lights featured with one of the best helpers Goblin). 
Goblin Ego Lights

For a camera, I don’t really like to fuss around with anything too fancy.  I don’t think most people need a $4,000 DSLR that weighs 10 pounds or that you need 45 megapixels for a image that is going to end up 600 pixels wide online. I use a Canon EOS M camera.  It costs $300 and can fit in my purse.  I use it for all the photography you see on Brooklyn Farm Girl. I also use it for all life, vacation and cat photos that I take every single day.  It’s a awesome camera.  

I edit all my photos with Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop.  


These are the things I can’t live without in the kitchen.


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