A Look Into My Office, Trying to Work at Home With Cats

Hi everyone, I thought I’d take today to do a little post to show you where the blog takes place.  You know, not in cyber space, but in reality.  The place where I write the blog posts, take photos of recipes and pin brownies in my pajamas at 2AM because I can’t sleep.  The last one is never a good idea, trust me.

I’m always interested in where other bloggers are inspired by.  Are you writing your recipes as you cook on  your laptop in the kitchen?  Are you doing posts in bed late at night because there’s not enough hours in day?  Or do you have a dedicated work area in your home?

We’ve had a separate studio space for our  R+R work for over a year now and it was a great choice.  We decided to get this space to try to separate work from life.  I’m going to be honest and say it’s hard to separate life, love and work when  your creative partner is also your husband.   Lately I’ve been trying to set up a strong rule that we aren’t allowed to discuss work at home, we can’t work that late and we have to take off 1 day a week.    I break all these rules as does Matthew (he’s worse I promise you).    

None of these rules really come into effect with Brooklyn Farm Girl.  As the blog continues to grow, I sometimes find myself overloaded with new posts, sponsored posts and reviews.  Suddenly on top of my day job of being an artist, there’s blog deadlines and blog advertisers to please.   It’s complicated and it’s long hours, but it’s also exciting and I’m a proud mama bear of BFG.    Lately I’ve been trying to split my time in half – half at the studio, half at home with the blog.   The problem here is that the blog is at home which means it’s always on.   I really wish I could have a strict schedule and kick myself off the computer during the evening but I have no self will.   Is anyone else work obsessed?

Brooklyn Farm Girl also takes up a little bit of space now in our home.  Besides my desk and laptop, there’s photo equipment, lights, props, cookbooks, products to review and lots of vegetables and food to create recipes with.    A few months ago my work space expanded from just my desk to a good portion of one side of our loft.  

Alongside this work area there’s also our 4 loving cats who’s there to cheer me up when I’m feeling stressed or prevent me from working when I’m feeling inspired.   Hey, it happens.  Have you tried writing a blog post while FiFi Bofinkles wants you to kiss her and rub her belly?  That girl is demanding and won’t take no for a answer.

So because I’m nosy and like to see where others work I thought it was fair to show you where I work. 

Welcome to my home! We like color.  And dinosaurs.  And pumpkins.  And clowns.  
A Look Into My Office, Trying to Stay Organized_14

Welcome to Brooklyn Farm Girl Headquarters!  Hey Xanadu, Brother, FiFi Bofinkles and Goblin.

This is my desk.  I transitioned last year from a desktop to a laptop and I’m so happy I did.  For tech nerds I use the Samsung Ativ Book 9 laptop which is ultra light and ultra sexy.   Yes, I’m a total PC fan girl.  Along with my laptop I always use a mouse, I hate touchpads!  I never feel like I can be exact with graphics without  my mouse.   On my desk there’s usually always a note with my daily list of things to do.  This ranges from house chores, to errands, to recipes that need to be made to blog jobs.  I’m obsessed with notes and checking things off.
A Look Into My Office, Trying to Stay Organized_7

These 2 notebooks are pretty much my life.  They are always with me, either on my desk or in my bag.  The blue notebook lists my big “to do” list with every single post that I have to make.   I run behind on posting recipes sometimes so this makes sure I don’t forget to post any.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember if you made a casserole a month ago but haven’t felt like it’s a right fit in your editorial calendar yet.  The cat notebook is one for scribbles and notes.  I use this mostly to jot down my recipes as I make them. Also I love using Sharpies because they are colorful, fun and ultra fine – perfect for my notebooks.
A Look Into My Office, Trying to Stay Organized_1

Here’s a note from my blue notebook.  This is my current list of posts to make.   As you can see I’m a bit random on which ones to post, but all these are waiting for you guys to see! Any of them you want me to post next?
A Look Into My Office, Trying to Stay Organized_4

And here’s my cat notebook with a page dedicated on how to dry mint for tea.  3:53 is the time that I put it in the oven, so I’m all about jotting down times and details here.
A Look Into My Office, Trying to Stay Organized_3

Even though the blue notebook is my life list of things to do, these here are the holy grail to me.  The one to the left is my favorite recipes that usually gets pulled out once a day to bake sweets or cook dinner.  The green folder that has seen better days to the right has all the recipes in it that need to be posted.  These include print outs of my recipes with scribbles, cross offs and edits.  

As I write this post right now this green folder is next to me, it’s basically my blog shadow.  Also in the folder are job documents that a client might give me and other “must do” items.
A Look Into My Office, Trying to Stay Organized_11

Here’s a look inside the green folder.  You can see there’s a recipe to the right that I’ll be sharing soon (brownies!), letters and stationary of pen pals that I must write back to, job documents and a proposal Matthew and I wrote for a workshop.  Also, a grumpy cat mask because why not?
A Look Into My Office, Trying to Stay Organized_12

These 2 storage cabinets hold different things, one being a Siamese cat (hi Xanadu!).   To the left holds crafts, markers, envelopes, stamps, stationary, birthday cards, passport, etc.  The one to the right holds my camera, laptop supplies and some cookbooks or art books that I’m currently obsessed with.
A Look Into My Office, Trying to Stay Organized_2

I’m lucky enough to receive cookbooks in the mail to review, so here is a pile of some cookbooks you might have seen on the blog over the past few months, or will see in the coming months.  You can tell by the bookmarks in each that I spend time going through every single one to find matches to share with you guys (and to eat myself!).  There’s my Mr. Messy mug too, I got it in London and I love it.  The Mr. Men book series are one of my favorites! 
A Look Into My Office, Trying to Stay Organized_8

This is the wall across from my desk.   It holds more books that I like to use for reference and also my big white board.  On this white board I separate it into months and then list every job that I have to do for that month.  It also includes anything that I have to do for R+R.   I love erasing things as they are completed!  
A Look Into My Office, Trying to Stay Organized_13

To show you how much we love white boards, here’s a photo of Matthew at our work space.  Notice his white board above him, lists to be checked off, Sharpies on desk!  I can’t imagine life without white boards.
A Look Into My Office

This is my photo desk where all my pictures are taken on the blog.  I wish this area could stay clean, but on top of it right now are my lights (I use these at night!) and props/items I have to review.   We have great big windows on this side of the room so I try to take advantage of the natural light as much as  I can during the Summer!  
A Look Into My Office, Trying to Stay Organized_10

Inside the photo desk are my favorite plates and props.  Also things like backgrounds, fill cards and tripods are stored here.   I’ve been trying to start a collection of props to use.  Is anyone else kitchen store obsessed? Ok, I know you are! 
A Look Into My Office, Trying to Stay Organized_15

On the desk there was a bunch of canning jars as I was storing stewed and diced tomatoes for the season.  I also made a long how to make diced tomatoes tutorial for the blog!
A Look Into My Office, Trying to Stay Organized_9

And although this isn’t technically part of my office since it’s in the kitchen (but that’s kinda my office too, right?) this is my tea cabinet.  It keeps me going and is opened at least 5 times a day.   I drink different types of teas in different mugs depending on the mood.  Right now I’m back to beloved English Breakfast for a afternoon pick me up.
A Look Into My Office, Trying to Stay Organized_16

You guys might have noticed a few furry critters running around these photos.   One great thing about working from home is that I get to spend time with our cats.   I probably don’t have to explain how much I love them to you, but I love them alot!  Having them nearby not only makes me feel better about being with them more, but they also cause me smiles and give me a dance partner when I need to get out of a slump if I can’t seem to make myself write that post I have to write.  I’m not saying the cats enjoy dancing, but they put up with it. πŸ™‚

Here’s some more photos that I took over the past few days just so you can see how much of a happy critter office environment I have!

It’s pretty much a given that my desk belongs to Bofinkles.  Also my lips.

The cats get very excited when I get packages in the mail.
A Look Into My Office, Trying to Stay Organized_19

Brother under my desk.  He’s a great toe warmer during the Winter!

A Look Into My Office, Trying to Stay Organized_6

I keep multiple calendars, there’s a calendar in my notebook with my to do posts, there’s a calendar on my white board with jobs, there’s my Outlook calendar which lists whenever anything is due (life + blog) and there’s my WordPress editorial calendar plugin that I honestly can’t live without.   

 I hope you enjoyed taking a look behind the scenes! 




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  • You know I came here just to look at the pics of your furry creatures! Love them all and think it’s hilarious how Goblin sits on the back of the chair. I always have to work standing up because there is a cat in my chair too! And I always have a pack of sharpie pens on my desk at home and I use the dry erase markers at work all of the time. Love sharpies!

  • A great look at your workspace. You are so organized. I love the colors and open feel, but especially how the cats have the run of the place. Can’t image life with a cat or two in it.

  • What a great post, Pamela! I’m always curious about other people’s blogging processes and what their work space is like. Yours is so colorful and creative! I usually do my blogging in the kitchen (obviously) and then I take over the dining room table with my laptop, binder, and notes. I’m pretty organized, but my food props are starting to take over. Luckily I have them contained…for now! πŸ™‚ Your cats are adorable, too! Seems like they love your space!

  • I am super nosy too, so I LUURVED this post! Is it okay that Goblin is my favorite? I know you can’t pay favorites, but I can, right? Him sitting on the back of the office chair? I die.

    Love me some colored sharpies and colored moleskin notebooks…I could spend my life savings in Office Max…it’s a problem. πŸ™‚

  • cool post, cool place! For a second I got all excited because I thought we had the same work desk, but then I saw you have way cooler storage than I do, not to mention rockin’ windows with so much light.

    I also have a notebook, but it’s blue, and though I don’t have cats, I do have kids that get in my way. So I get up before the crack-of and try and get some stuff done before anyone wakes up. Otherwise, my space isn’t so photogenic.

    Also, I envy your rainbow of Sharpies. My latest indulgence was a pack of multi-colored Post-Its, and I’m still trying to keep them away from my 2-year-old, who covets them.

  • I am nosey too so I loooved this tour. It is so nice to see where someone you have followed online for awhile creates. I love the bright white and colorful accessories!

    I totally have to write everything down too. I have a mess of rainbow colored Sharpies and various notebooks all over the kitchen, dining room, living, room, and my office. All my recipes are hand written in my notebooks before they ever get posted.

    Thanks for sharing your space with us!

  • Loved this little sneak peak behind the scenes, Pamela! I have such a hard time too “unplugging” at night. I’m trying to get better at finding time every night to just turn off the laptop and watch some tv with my wife. It’s tought to disconnect, especially with so many deadlines breathing down your neck!

  • WOW, thats awesome, thanks for the cheeky sneak peak into your beautiful office, it is amazingly colourful and creative. Love all the colour! And that you are so organised. πŸ™‚

  • Love getting a peak into your space! Wow, I’m very impressed with all you do both work and blog-wise. I totally lack multi-tasking skills, hence my lack of blog posts during pregnancy. I totally love how Goblin sits on the chair πŸ™‚

  • This was such a great post – thanks for sharing a piece of your life with us. I’m always looking to better my own blogging and find inspiration in other’s spaces. Hopefully one day I can be as accomplished as you πŸ™‚

  • I just love you and your fur babies. This post made me happy! Your place looks huge and I’m jealous of your big windows! Love the dotted hearts around the kitties because I didn’t see them at first!
    I work in 3 areas. 1) the kitchen (of course) 2) my desk which is in the living room and it is quite messy. I need to get organized like you! Need sharpies! 3) my sunroom – which is where I take most of my photos and store my props and whatnot. I’m addicted to prop shopping! Are those lights the Ego lights? Do you like them?

    • Hey Dee, they are the Ego lights and I love them! Before it was so hard to take photos of dinner at night but now there’s nothing stopping me from baking or cooking up a storm in the middle of the night! πŸ˜‰

  • Aaw, I loved getting a sneak peak behind the scenes! Thanks for sharing your work space with us, I love how cheery and bright everything is and that’s the best that you get to work with your babies surrounding you πŸ™‚

  • We used to live in NYC when my husband worked on Wall Street – in Brooklyn Heights. (I might’ve told you that before.) I loved living in NYC & I esp. loved all the interesting people I met there. People like you and your darling husband – creative, energetic people. I worked for a while in a now defunct children’s publishing firm called Dodd Mead. You can only imagine how much I enjoyed the work and my co-workers.
    I really enjoyed reading this post!! Have you now moved from this space because I read today you now have an office in another location. You’ll have to post photos of your new office!!

  • Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy poking around thru your blog and your wonderful pictures πŸ™‚ Also that your tea cabinet makes me swoon.

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