A Day In the Life of Toes


Toes,  she’s kind of the best.  In July we’ll be celebrating her 1 year Anniversary with us and I can’t really express in words how much we love her.   She’s brought energetic, loud purring, full of kisses, love into our house.    Since she’s youthful (vet think she’s around 2) she’s brought a playfulness that Goblin needed.   Goblin is a wild  man, so he needed a partner to be wild with (Xanadu is wild, but she will also judge you if she’s not in the mood).  Toes acts like Goblin’s Big Sister, cleaning his head and ears every single day, dragging him back to her if she’s not done.   You’d think Goblin would hate this, but he loves it.  If I could jump into Goblin’s brain when he’s being cleaned by Toes I imagine hearts bursting all over.   

Toes, she’s a good girl.


Toes is pretty shy around strangers (in typical Maine Coon fashion of being a gentle giant), so I thought I’d e-introduce you.  Here’s a look at a day in the life of Toes.

Good Morning Toes!


First thing is food.  She follows me to the bathroom, watching me brush my teeth. She’s very impatient when it comes to food. She has a loud meow, and it stays on auto play until the food is put into the bowl.  She wakes up the entire house with her meow so all the other cats know it’s breakfast time.

Purina Muse Cat Food_2

Toes LOVES Purina Muse food (especially the In Gravy variety!).  As soon as she sees me grab a can, she gets meowing and starts circling my feet. Whenever I come back from Petco with a bag of Muse food, I swear she sniffs the bag and then gives me a little wink (cat owners, you know all about eye kisses).  Muse food is made with natural ingredients, including real fish and poultry.  There’s no artificial flavors, colors, or soy making me a happy cat Mom. It’s available in wet or dry.  Our cats love wet food and sort of glare at me whenever I put dry food down.  Ok, they’re spoiled.  Wet recipes come in Chowder, In Broth, With Toppers, In Gravy and Paté.  Our cat family loves the gravy and broth kind.  You should hear their little tongues lick up all that gravy!

While she’s eating (and purring) I’ll get ready for work.  When I’m done getting dressed, Toes is usually done her food and immediately needs to jump on my clothes furring me up. Thanks Toes.  I try to give her a nice little brushing session a few times a week. This causes more purring. 

Looking gorgeous Toesy! (We call her Toesy Magosey)


While I’m at work,  Toes is very busy.  I know this because I check our cat camera while I’m at work. What type of busy things does she do? She gets buzzed on her catnip banana.


She sleeps on the couch.


She sleeps in her Cat Cave.


Sleeps on the floor.


Did you notice she sleeps on her back? Her paws go straight up in the air. It’s hilarious. 

When I get home from work, Toes will be waiting for me at the front door. She’ll rub against me, excited to see me, and excited for dinner time.  For the next hour,  we’ll play with her and start making our own dinner.  She’ll also lay on the chair for a few minutes because she needs her full 20 hours of sleep a day.


Dinner time ranges from 6:30-8PM depending on our work schedule.  As soon as she hears the food can and smells the food, meowing starts.    Kisses from Toes. #caturday #toesthecat #cat #catsofinstagram #mainecoon #furry #whiskers

She really likes to lick her bowl clean, even if it means getting into weird poses and standing on the food mat. 

After dinner time, it’s belly rubs time. Then some more lounging.  Once we head to bed, Toes will jump in with us and snuggle. 

When we wake up the next morning (usually due to her loud purring) then we’ll repeat!

Hope you enjoyed a day with Toes.



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