A Beautiful Farm Wedding in Seattle

Two weeks ago we flew across the country to attend two of our best friends wedding.   These two friends names are William and Lia and they are some of the most lovely people you could know.    A year ago they made the move from Brooklyn to Seattle and this was the first time we saw them since then.    It’s a understatement to say they have been missed here in Brooklyn by us and others.      

The wedding was at beautiful Chaser Farms which is located on Vashon Island.  To get to the Farm you need to take a ferry which is a pretty ride by itself.    Once you get to the Farm you basically want to move in.   It’s pretty much my dream house, one large open modern home with two giant kitchens, a big yard that stares into trees and a farm full of sheep and goats for me to befriend.  And when you look up at the sky, you see stars.   I’m moving in Chaser Farms.  You will be expecting me tomorrow.

Here is a photo journey to Seattle.

The invitation.

Mount Rainier.  Beautiful, right?  #flying #plane #mountrainier #mountain #sky #clouds #scenery #nature #beautiful
Flying past Mount Rainier.  

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_18
Wedding time!

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_19
Matthew and I all dressed up.  This was one of two dresses I was going back and forth about on Twitter one night.  Thanks for the suggestion from everyone who said to pick the blue dress! 

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_15

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_12

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_38

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_16
Some decor.  They hung up pictures of friends, family and pets here.  It was super cute.

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_22

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_25
Every chair during the ceremony had a musical instrument on. At the end we all got to make noise and shake it!

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_23

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_28
This is their dog Leroy.  He’s a great guy.  This is him walking down the aisle.

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_36
Xanadu has a history with them and I wished she could have been there to be their flower girl.  Instead I gave them this Polaroid of her. 

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_35
They’re married!  Their ceremony was beautiful,  you can tell how much they love one another.  It’s really special to see.  Don’t make me cry.

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_41
Now it’s reception time so find your name on the list and come around back!

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_46
Here’s the menu.   Most of the food they produce at the farm goes straight into their menu options.  They also have a few different restaurants in the area.

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_43

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_53

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_48
I never had headcheese before until then.  Surprisingly it was really good.

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_56
Here’s William’s parents embarrassing him with some old stories.

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_60

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_62
Dessert was amazing.  I kiddingly (not really) told Matthew to get me a dessert of every kind to try.  Imagine my surprise when I came back to the table and found this.  The boy knows the key to my heart… cake!  Do you see that brownie in the bottom? It was so good. I went back for another.  And another (just kidding, not really).

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_67

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_65

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_68

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_66
Matthew and I disappeared into the farm for a little bit to talk to the animals and carefully watch our step.  If you read this blog then you know how I’m a bit romantic about having a farm so we just spent a few minutes here to enjoy it.

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_61
The first dance inside.

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_52
The first dance outside.

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_70
The lovely couple.

And not wedding related, but a few more pictures to share on our trip to Seattle.

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_7
We got woken up one morning by some birds chirping outside the window.  I woke up, grabbed a carton of raspberries and stood in the grass.  Birds! Grass!  I know to some people this isn’t unusual but to me it’s so romantic and special.  Sometimes I miss these little things.

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_10
We stopped at a coffee place on the way to the wedding but who cares about the coffee when they have a wall of tea like this! This was probably about 1/4 of their selections.

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_2
This is Leroy the dog again.  I just love him.  He’s such a well behaved gentleman.

A few people recommended we go to Pike Place Market.   If you are from there please don’t frown by this tourist hot spot but I really liked it there!  There was so much delicious food, fresh vegetables and flowers!  The flowers! They sold the most giant bouquets for $5 and $10.  They were gorgeous and colorful.  I’ve never seen flowers for that price in my life.  If we weren’t leaving the day after I would have bought some!  While at the Market we got some snacks…

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_78
We stopped by Beecher’s to get some mac and cheese alongside a bretzel which is a braided pretzel. It was the perfect companion to dip in this mac and cheese.

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_77
While we ate our lunch we got to see them hard at work preparing the cheese they use.

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_81
We stopped at Daily Dozen for a assortment of donuts.  Unfortunately there was no sprinkled ones in here but maybe next time!  The donuts were hot and delicious.  They reminded me of fair/carnival food as they were crispy.  They don’t defeat my beloved Dough donuts in Brooklyn but these were still super yummy.

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_85
This wasn’t at Pike Market but we also enjoyed some sea salt fries and a green tea and pineapple milkshake at Katsu Burger.    The milkshake was awesome.

To Seattle for Will and Lia's Wedding_86
Hope you guys enjoyed the journey to Seattle for love!



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  • Pamela, I sure enjoy the pictures…loved them all…thank you so much for taking us along…beautiful wedding and you too are so cute.
    Have a great weekend 😀

    • The weather was so beautiful Abbe! The mornings were so chilly that I needed a sweater and socks, perfect dream weather to me!

  • What fun !! You (and your honey) looked so great AND it’s not everyone who could pull it off like you to did – tres cool !! I loved how the wedding had so many different ideas/ways of doing things, such as the glass ‘board’ for where people were to be seated. And talk about desserts!!!! On another note, I wish we still had our farm in Quebec. You would’ve loved it so much. We had 132 acres of farmland, woodland and brooks!! (If you ever have a spare minute…. I have several photos of some of our farm on my blog.)

    • Your past farm in Quebec sounds lovely Cecile! Wish you still had it so I could move in with you! 😉 Going to hop on over to your blog now and check out your photos!

  • What a gorgeous wedding, the bride and groom look great, love Leroy, Pam you look beautiful and Matthew looks very handsome, love the photo’s all of them, so pretty in Seattle, yes Pikes is great, love the donuts but you are so right, nothing can hold a candle to Dough Donuts I am there more than I should be and now they have them everywhere including Whole Foods. Have you ever tried their nutella filled beignet OMG!!!

  • Beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing these photos with us! I’ve always wanted to visit Seattle … haven’t made it yet but hopefully someday! Happy weekend!

  • It looks like a beautiful time. You look so pretty and happy.
    The food looks wonderful and it is very nice of you to share these pictures. I love looking at pictures.
    Blessings, Catherine

  • Cutest wedding ever! You guys look adorable, too!! I love all the animal-love this wedding had….nothing better than people who treat their pets as family. Love it! The food looks amazing, too…I would have had one of each dessert, too– irresistible!!

    I love Seattle, and Pike Place market! Seattle is only a two hour drive from where I live in Vancouver, so once a year or so we head down there for some shopping and touristy activities. Did you go to the giant wall of gum!?!

    • We didn’t, but I heard all about it and saw pictures! Plus the candy store was closed so I was out of gum! And yes yes yes yes to pet lovers! Makes it all the more special! <3

  • Awww! So glad you had a fun time there. The wedding decorations were so cute! It was cool to see Beecher’s and Daily Dozen on here. 🙂 You guys should consider moving to the Seattle area and getting a farm. :p You have an Oregon crazy cat lady that would come visit you!! 🙂

  • Sounds like you had an amazing time! 🙂 The wedding looks so beautiful- really love how they hung pictures around the place! And all the food looks so good!

  • What a gorgeous and whimsical wedding – I adore their invites and the musical instruments on the chairs and the food looks amazing! Those desserts look incredible as do you and Mathew! Congrats to your friends – wishing them many, many happy years ahead together!

  • Weddings—-I just love them! Welcome to my part of the world. I love about 2 hrs from the city, but I use to live on ‘that size of the pond’ as we say here in Port Townsend. 2 of the major ways to get here is via ferries. I am glad you have a lovely time. Thank you for sharing your friends’ wedding.

  • OMG! What an absolutely perfect wedding, I love the simple but oh so memorable little touches these guys included in their reception; photos, musical instruments…. And those invites, adorable. Every photo had me saying Awwwhhhh! 🙂 A beautiful post, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • What a cool post this was! It seems like a very spe coal wedding to attend too! So cool & fun! 🙂

    Thanks for the tour! It also looks that you had & fun time in Seattle! x

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