Sugar Free Apple Muffins

Sugar Free Apple Muffins

Sugar Free Apple Muffins Recipe! They are only 48 calories a piece!  These easy to make healthy muffins are perfect for apple picking season!  I love them to work for breakfast or a afternoon snack! Makes 20 mini muffins.

Sugar Free MuffinsHealthy Sugar Free Muffins

I am taking a break from sugar right now and I have to tell you, it’s hard.   Everything has sugar in it!  Or if you go to the grocery store and read the labels, it seems like nearly everything does, even food that you wouldn’t have guessed.

 English muffins? Sugar.  Those delicious “natural” raspberry preserves? So much sugar!  Multigrain bread? Sugar.  Spaghetti Sauce? Sugar (make your own!).   Granola and Crackers? Sugar.  It’s in everything! 

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