Chocolate Strawberry Overnight Granola

Chocolate Strawberry Overnight Granola

Chocolate Strawberry Overnight Granola is a healthy easy breakfast idea for toddlers that the entire family will love.   This recipe is made by Mom, tasted and approved by my toddler!  Similar to overnight oats, but made with granola instead! 

Breakfast Ideas for Toddlers

Is there ever enough time in the morning? I say no. Throw in a toddler who won’t put on her coat, and requires a drop off at daycare, then it feels like every morning is a rush to get out the door and get to work. 

What would make the mornings easier?  If my toddler would just let me put on her coat!  Seriously.  Please just stop laying on the ground with your arms glued to your side.  Please for your Mother’s sanity!

What else?

An easy and delicious breakfast for the entire family to enjoy!  Let me introduce you to our current favorite breakfast: Chocolate Strawberry Overnight Granola!

Toddler Breakfast Ideas Recipe: Overnight Granola

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