Friday Catch Up: A Trip to Los Angeles

Friday Catch Up: A Trip to Los Angeles

Hey guys,

I hope everyone is doing great!  It’s been ages since I did a weekly catch up post, but I thought I’d try to start doing this again.  This gives a glimpse on what’s happening during my week, but let’s be honest, it’ll mostly be food, and pictures of Enceladus (or pictures of Encealdus’s food!).

Last week we headed to Los Angeles for Reed + Rader work, and while we were there we had a few days to explore with Enceladus.   We went to playgrounds, ate lots of tacos, went on a date without baby (it involved tacos too),  had a video shoot and much more.  

The flight to Los Angeles was kinda terrible.  Flying with a toddler is hit or miss, and she was pretty finished with the flight while we flew over the Midwest.   She was happy when we finally landed and got to stretch her legs.  I was also happy to get off the plane so we could get her in a better mood.    

Flying with a toddler

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