Slow Cooker Green Beans and Tomatoes

Slow Cooker Green Beans and Tomatoes

SLOW COOKER Green Beans Recipe with Tomatoes! This easy recipe cooks fresh green beans, tomatoes, potatoes and bacon in a crock pot for 4 hours.  This is a healthy dish makes for delicious vegetable side dishes that you can serve over rice or as a side dish to chicken or Thanksgiving holiday dinners.  This has been become one of families favorite healthy thanksgiving recipes! 

Vegetable Side Dishes

Slow Cooker Green Beans

With the garden season almost complete for the year, I constantly want to come up with new recipes to try, especially those that will make yummy vegetable side dishes.  With pounds of green beans and  potatoes just dug up, I wanted to create an easy meal that could use all of them.  

At my home, vegetable side dishes are quite popular with the entire family – adults and kids. So, I decided to create a rainbow side dish with all these veggies that everyone would love!

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