Apple, Pear and Banana Baby Food

Apple, Pear and Banana Baby Food

EASY TO MAKE Apple, Pear and Banana Baby Food! This homemade baby food recipe makes 64 ounces of baby food for only $10! This simple puree uses fresh fruit that your baby will love! Follow this DIY on how to make it and info on freezer storage!  This is my 7 month old’s favorite Stage 2 puree! 

Baby Food Recipes

Ok, I can’t help it, I’m obsessed with making baby food.  Did you think that this vegetable garden loving Mama wouldn’t be making baby food?  I love to puree fruits and vegetables in the kitchen and watch Enceladus react to first tastes! 

If you love cooking, then you understand the amazing feeling one gets when you serve friends or family a home cooked meal.  When placing the food on the table in front of your family, you are essentially saying “I love you!”.   So imagine my excitement when I’m cooking for my baby!  

Baby Food Recipes

Homemade Baby Food Recipes

Enceladus started eating fruit and vegetable purees at around 5 months.  Since turning 7 months old a few days ago, she’s tasted plenty of combinations, but this one is her favorite: Apple, Pear and Banana Baby Food!  What’s not to love?  It’s like a tropical fruit smoothie for babies!  I’ll be honest, I love this puree so much I might sneak e a few bites in when she’s not looking!

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How to Puree Stage 1 Baby Food

Besides the satisfying feeling of feeding your baby a home cooked meal, making your own baby food is extremely economical.  Let’s do some simple math real quick. 

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