Diced Tomatoes Recipe

Diced Tomatoes Recipe

HOW TO MAKE diced tomatoes recipe from fresh tomatoes.  Step by step instructions walk you through the beginning all the way up to freezing or canning them. This is a great way to preserve your garden tomatoes!

How to Make Diced Tomatoes

It’s raining tomatoes still.  A ton of them! 

Right now we have a explosion of cherry (hello cherry tomato sauce!), roma (hello roma tomato sauce!) and beef tomatoes of all sizes currently occupying our counter.    I love seeing a kitchen full of fresh vegetables but it also gives me a slight overwhelming fear of anxiety because I know I have to go to work on them and start preparing our tomatoes to last the next few months.

We pretty much only buy tomato sauce or tomato products during the months of May and June.   July, August and September gives us fresh tomatoes by the basket full while October-April supplies us tomatoes that were canned or frozen months prior.  

It’s always a special feeling when its a cold Wintry day and you can still enjoy some fresh tomatoes you grew months prior when the garden wasn’t covered in snow.

Diced Tomatoes Recipe


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