100 Cherry Tomato Recipes
Cast Iron Chicken With Mint Chutney
Scrambled Egg Ground Beef Casserole
10 EASIEST Vegetables To Grow In The Garden
Cheddar Cheese Cauliflower Casserole

100 Cherry Tomato Recipes

The BEST 100 Cherry Tomato Recipes!  This includes EASY to make appetizers, salads, pasta sauces, meat dishes and casseroles! Make sure to save this post for garden season!

It’s almost the start of tomato season – are you as excited as I am?  As you start picking cherry tomatoes by the basket, I wanted to share  my favorite cherry tomato recipes so you’re prepared!

Cherry Tomato Sauce

First, let’s start with my readers favorite recipes: cherry tomato sauce and slow cooker cherry tomatoes.  People can’t get enough of these 2!  Try these first… especially the sauce, it’s delicious! 

The Best Cherry Tomato Recipes

I broke then down into a few categories below: appetizers, basic dinner recipes, dinners with meat, salad and pasta recipes.  

Cherry Tomato Appetizers

Healthy Cherry Tomato Recipes

Caprese Salad Skewers

Cherry Tomato Relish

Vegetable Bowl Cheese Dip

Caprese Bites With Balsamic Drizzle

Greek Opa Dip

Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes

Greek Pita Nachos

Mini Caprese Bites

Cherry Tomato Mozzarella Salad With Toasted Pine Nuts

Goat Cheese Brushetta

Bacon and Boursin Stuffed Tomatoes

Antipasto Skewers

Guacamole Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Chip and Guacamole Bites

Tomato Tulips

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Cast Iron Chicken With Mint Chutney

Cast Iron Chicken With Mint Chutney – this is a full meal recipe with vegetables!  This dinner dish uses fresh mint on baked chicken breasts, along with carrots, potatoes and onions!  Your entire family will love this healthy one skillet pan meal!

Being a part of a Community Garden is lots of fun, especially when you get to share a overabundance of a vegetable that’s growing well.  A perk of being a Community Garden member is when you get gifted beautiful, fresh mint from a fellow gardener.   Is there anything better smelling than mint that’s just been picked? Yum!
fresh mint

So with a large pile of mint sitting in my kitchen, I wanted to come up with a recipe that would showcase it.  Of course you can dry mint for tea, but for this I wanted to make a dinner dish!   That’s how I came up with this Cast Iron Chicken With Mint Chutney recipe!
Cast Iron Chicken With Mint Chutney

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Scrambled Egg Ground Beef Casserole

KETO Scrambled Egg Ground Beef Casserole recipe that’s easy to make! This baked casserole is low carb and you can make ahead overnight if you’d like! It’s packed with vegetables and sprinkled with cheddar cheese!

Do you guys know about Joe’s Special?  It’s a dish that started in San Francisco in the 1920s that consisted of eggs, ground beef, spinach and garlic.   A few places make their own version, including a Brooklyn based restaurant that my husband fell in love with.  I wanted to try a modern spin on it, removing the spinach and replacing it with green beans and peppers. The result is a delicious Scrambled Egg and Ground Beef Casserole!

Scrambled Egg and Ground Beef Casserole

Keto Casserole Recipe

This casserole is keto friendly and low carb, something I’ve been requested to make more of from my readers since I posted my Cauliflower Casserole recipe!  It’s made with eggs and ground beef to be high in protein, and a homemade cream of mushroom soup that’s made with almond milk.  Did I mention there’s shredded cheese on top to make it extra delicious?  

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10 EASIEST Vegetables To Grow In The Garden

Top 10 Easiest Vegetables To Grow in the garden! All these vegetables are easy to grow from seed and in containers!  This is the perfect list for a first time gardener! 

I get asked a lot “I want to start a garden, what vegetables are best for beginners?”.   The short answer is ALL OF THEM! The long answer is “Well, they all have their pros and cons and there are so many variables that go into a specific vegetable, but here’s the ones I think that would work best for you depending on your space and climate”.  

10 Easiest Vegetables To Grow

I thought about this recently as this question usually starts to pop up frequently in the Spring.  So I decided to make a list of the easiest vegetables to grow in your garden!  All of these vegetables are grown from seed and specifically grow good in containers!  I picked vegetables that can grow successfully across different climates, including heat tolerant vegetables!

So now…. the list…!

Easiest Vegetables To Grow In Containers


10 EASIEST Vegetables To Grow In The Garden
Did you know that one tomato plant can yield 50-80 pounds of tomatoes?  Yup, that’s a lot of tomatoes!  Make sure to give your tomatoes enough water in the Summer as they continue to grow.  Use cages to support the plants as they grow high!

Need tomato recipes? Try my reader favorites: Stewed Tomatoes and Oven Roasted Cherry Tomato Sauce.

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Cheddar Cheese Cauliflower Casserole

BAKED Cheddar Cheese Cauliflower Casserole recipe! It’s vegetarian and loaded with cauliflower and corn! This easy to make low carb, keto casserole can be either a side dish or a main dish!  

I love Spring because it’s the start of cauliflower season in the garden.  Do you love cauliflower?  What’s your favorite way to eat it?  I love it raw as a snack, roasted as a side dish, and covered in cheese like it is in this Cheddar Cheese Cauliflower Casserole!

BAKED Cheddar Cheese Cauliflower Casserole recipe! It's vegetarian and loaded with cauliflower and corn! This easy to make low carb, keto casserole can be either a side dish or a main dish!  

Let’s talk Cauliflower Nutrition

Cauliflower is a great vegetable to add to your menu.  Not only is it only 29 calories per 1 cup, but it’s packed with vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E and B complex vitamins! It’s low in carbs, is a great source of protein and provides calcium, potassium and iron to your daily diet!

What’s not to love about cauliflower?

Now ok, I get it, we’re taking healthy cauliflower and we’re adding cheese on top.   And you’re absolutely right we are because it’s delicious!  This casserole makes both a great side dish, as well as a main course.  We often have this for dinner with nothing else because it’s so filling (did I mention that it’s really good too?)!

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