Chocolate Avocado Baby Muffins

Chocolate Avocado Baby Muffins

CHOCOLATE AVOCADO Baby Muffins! These muffins are so moist and creamy because we use avocado and yogurt in them! This easy recipe is perfect for baby led weaning and also anyone looking for a healthy muffin!

Do you know what I love currently about motherhood? We’re starting to snack together!  Looking for a treat that we could both share together I made these Chocolate Avocado Baby Muffins which are a complete hit!

They’re perfect for breakfast and perfect for a snack!  After she finishes her dinner at night, sometimes we both sit down and eat a muffin together!  So these are great for parents, babies, toddlers or just anyone who is seeking a healthy muffin!

chocolate avocado muffins recipe

Healthy Chocolate Muffins!

These are healthier than usual muffins because we aren’t using any oil or butter.  Instead we’re making them moist and creamy with avocado and yogurt.  Remember my avocado brownies? Yup, super creamy!  So are these muffins!  
avocado and cocoa powder

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