Chocolate Carrot Strawberry Garden

Chocolate Carrot Strawberry Garden

EDIBLE Chocolate Carrot Strawberry GARDEN is the perfect DIY Mother’s day gift from kids! This simple craft uses chocolate cookies for dirt and chocolate covered strawberries for carrots! Place a few craft rabbits in the dirt and you have a beautiful edible vegetable garden! Great for toddlers,  preschoolers and older children to make for Mothers and Grandmas who love to garden!

This edible garden craft is TOO CUTE!  I was feeling crafty (and hungry) so I put together this chocolate covered strawberry treat that resembles a carrot vegetable garden – with rabbits and and all!  This is such a fun Spring project and would make the best Mother’s Day gift from kids!
Mother's Day Garden Craft Gift

Gift For Mothers who Love Gardening

This Chocolate Carrot Strawberry Garden won’t take long to make at all! From start to finish you can have this made in 15 minutes.  And of course the best part is helping eat those chocolate covered strawberries that are coated in chocolate cookies! YUM!
Chocolate Covered Cookie Strawberries

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