Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream
Easy Indian Basmati Rice

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

AWARD WINNING Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream recipe! This homemade recipe is made in the ice cream maker and is for chocolate lovers! It’s my family’s favorite Summer ice cream!

We got a Cuisinart ice cream maker a few weeks ago and it’s changed our Summer!

Having a ice cream maker is a great idea. And by great idea I mean a deliciously bad idea.  Its like you can make ice cream whenever you want.  Which means if you happen to keep all the supplies on hand you can eat ice cream every single day.  Delicious, totally.  Dangerous, totally.

low carb chocolate ice cream recipe

But I like to live on the wild side… when it comes to ice cream.  I live so wild that I checked out 2 ice cream recipe cookbooks from the library and I got a 10 cent fee because one was a day late back.  See.  I’m a wild child.

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Easy Indian Basmati Rice

Learn how to cook PERFECT Indian Basmati Rice in under 30 minutes! This easy recipe uses basmati rice and fragrant spices to create authentic tasting Indian rice. Pair it with roasted vegetables to make a healthy, vegan meal for dinner!

I love Indian food.  The problem is that I don’t have any experience with Indian cooking, or traditional Indian spices so I was always scared to try cooking it in my own kitchen.  Instead I forked over the money for Indian take-out, wishing I could make my own!   Finally,  I decided I was going to learn how to make basmati rice, Indian style.  

easy Indian Basmati Rice Recipe

How authentic is this recipe?  It tastes so much like our favorite Indian restaurant that Matthew thought I bought it from there!  And here’s the best part – it’s so easy to make! You can be a total Indian food cooking newbie and totally nail this basmati rice recipe!  

Let’s talk rice first because not all rice is created equal.  Indian rice calls for basmati (baz-mah-tee) rice which is a long grain rice that’s more expensive than typical plain white rice.   You will find various brands of it in your local grocery store but here’s the one I use.  Basmati is my favorite, not just because of the taste but the smell – it smells amazing!

Nutritionally, white and basmati rice have pretty much the same calorie content as basmati rice is about 200 calories per 1 cup cooked rice.
How to cook basmati rice

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