Brooklyn Farm Girl Winter Tea Swap!

Brooklyn Farm Girl Winter Tea Swap!

The Brooklyn Farm Girl tea swap is BACK!!!!!

After multiple requests from tea lovers around the world I have brought the swap out of hibernation!  If you love tea, I invite you to join the Winter Tea Swap!  Running monthly tea swaps was a little overwhelming and took a lot of planning on my part, so instead I am bringing them back seasonally.   I think this is a better idea too since our tea taste changes from season to season!

(How to throw a tea party!)

If you’ve never been a apart of a tea swap, here’s how it works:

You and a assigned partner send each other a small package filled with different teas to try, a small snack, and a little note saying hello.  You can send as much tea as want, but at the very least I recommend sending 10 bags.   This allows you to try new teas that you might have never tried.  Plus it will be relaxing to sit down at night, read a small note, nibble on a little snack and drink a cup of tea! The entire swap is about meeting new friends, trying new teas and smiling!

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