Farm to Bowl Dinner With Toes The Cat

Farm to Bowl Dinner With Toes The Cat

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If you know Toes you know she loves 2 things the most, food and snuggles.  So as you can imagine, a day filled with delicious food and cuddling would make Toes one happy girl!  If you follow this blog you know I’m a big fan of farm to table living and recipes, so when it comes to my cats I’m a big believer in farm to bowl too.  Ok, farm to bowl to table because sometimes Toes is fancy and eats at the table! Don’t tell her Dad though, it’s our secret!

With the baby here, we’re still juggling how to spend time with our 5 furry babies and 1 human baby.  As I mentioned earlier in a post, Enceladus is 100% a cat lady already.  She LOVES the cats and the cats LOVE her.   Since Toes and Goblin are the youngest, I imagine one of them is going to become her best friend in the years to come which is really exciting.  I think Toes is going to especially become her best friend when Enceladus starts “accidentally” dropping food from her high chair.  Speaking of food, here Toesey Woesey!

As soon as Toes hears the pantry door open that holds her food, she comes running!  One crack of the food can and Toes is circling my feet, meowing, begging for food! It always cracks me up because those 10 seconds it takes for me to bend down and put the food in the bowl seem like eternity to her!

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