MINI Sweet Potato Casseroles With Brown Sugar Pecan Topping

MINI Sweet Potato Casseroles With Brown Sugar Pecan Topping

The BEST BAKED MINI Sweet Potato Casseroles with BROWN SUGAR Pecan Topping! This easy Southern recipe uses BAKED sweet potatoes to really bring out the flavor! There is a delicious brown sugar pecan crumble on top! I love baking these as mini casseroles as it’s a beautiful presentation at Thanksgiving dinner and everyone gets to eat their own! You can even make these ahead of time and heat up!

Next year we are growing sweet potatoes in the garden because this year I finally fell in love with them in the kitchen! You might have seen my creamy Sweet Potato soup last week (if you missed it, it’s here), well now I’m back with a Sweet Potato Casserole in Mini individual size!

These MINI Sweet Potato Casseroles With Brown Sugar Pecan Topping are so cute and so delicious! Everyone gets to eat their own mini casserole so they’re going to be a hit at the next holiday dinner!

Let’s talk sweet potatoes first, ok?  The way to bring out the flavor of sweet potatoes isn’t by boiling them, but by baking them!  Trust me on this!  If you did a taste test with a boiled and baked sweet potato, and then mashed it, you would absolutely agree  that the baked sweet potato is SO much better!  So for this recipe, we’re going to bake the sweet potatoes first before mashing for the casserole.  Yes, I know, it’s one additional step, but it’s WORTH IT!  I would never make you do more work if the pay off wasn’t big!

To bake the sweet potatoes preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Grab your sweet potatoes and pierce them with a fork a few times (fun holiday stress activity!). Place the sweet potatoes on a cookie sheet and bake for 90 minutes. Remove the potatoes from the oven. Hold the sweet potatoes with a potholder (they’re hot!) and the potato will pop right out of it’s skin. Discard the skin. Use a potato masher or hand mixer to mash the sweet potatoes.   It’s that easy!  Once your sweet potatoes are baked then we’re ready to begin making these mini casseroles!  If you’re worried about the extra 90 minutes of baking time, you could bake these sweet potatoes a day in advance so they’re all ready for you!

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