How the Snoo Helped Our Colic Baby (And let us sleep!)

How the Snoo Helped Our Colic Baby (And let us sleep!)

Review of the SNOO Bassinet from a mom who’s baby had colic for 12 weeks!  We love the Snoo and it helped her so much to sleep through the night! 

Have you heard of the SNOO bassinet?  I like to describe it as the most modern, beautiful, amazing, life changing baby bassinet ever.  If there’s one item we couldn’t live without (besides food and diapers) in Enceladus’s first 3 months it would be the SNOO.  SNOO, I love you.  I love you so much.

If you follow me me on social media or read back posts you will know that for the first 12 weeks Enceladus had a pretty severe case of colic.  To be blunt, it was terrible for everyone involved and we went through a dark emotional time.  At around the 12 week point we started to see the light and at 14 weeks I can safely say she conquered colic. WHEW! (For those parents dealing with colic, this article helped me SO much.  I would read it in bed at night after bad days and it made me feel commodity with the author.) 

During her 12 weeks with colic, we tried everything.  Not only was she crying 8 hours a day but she would not nap during the day, it was a nonstop day of baby tears and anger from wake up to bed time.  I googled everything to try to help her colic.  We bought every product marketed as colic relief.  You name a swaddle, gripe water, sleeper, rock and play, pacifier, bottle, formula, probiotics etc and I will tell you we tried it without much success.  We saw the pediatrician multiple times and tried acid reflux medicine.   

At around 9 weeks I was ready to cut off my pinky finger and give it up in a human sacrifice to solve her colic because it was heart breaking to witness. The one thing that kept us sane, and sleeping, during the 12 weeks of colic was the SNOO.  

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