Motherhood Thoughts: Please Stop Meowing

Motherhood Thoughts: Please Stop Meowing

Welcome to my new series “Motherhood Thoughts”.  If you follow me on Instagram you know I’m pretty revealing in my Stories about how hard Motherhood has been for me.  What I realized is that Brooklyn Farm Girl hasn’t dove into Motherhood as deep as I share on social media.  I had a hard time deciding how to transition the blog, if I should even write about the baby, or keep it garden and recipe focused, but then I realized that Brooklyn Farm Girl is now Brooklyn Farm Mama and being a Mother is a huge part of my life.  Traveling through the first 2 months of Motherhood has been a journey.  Every day, I experience something new. Heck, some hours I experience something new.  I’ve had such a outpouring of feedback on my Instagram Stories from other Mothers who have gone through it, I decided I’m going to share on the blog now too.   If you just come here for recipes and nothing more, you can skip these posts and that is totally ok.  But if you want to get to know me, Pamela, then go ahead and read on.    I plan on doing these posts bi-weekly as a diary to look back on.  The post will be scattered with non connected paragraphs of what I experienced that week.   Hope you like it.

Enceladus was asleep, it was the middle of the night, around 2AM and suddenly our cat Xanadu meowed.  Again and again and again.  Xanadu was in our bed in the middle of Matthew and I.  Enceladus was in her bassinet next to the bed.  Matthew and I turned to Xanadu, pleading with our eyes, whispering “Please stop meowing!”.  She continued. “Meow, Meow, Meow”.  Enceladus stirred in her bassinet.  Then I did the unthinkable, I scolded our cat.  Our cat was meowing because she was happy and I told her to stop meowing.  I still feel awful for this.

Enceladus has started to giggle.  I am officially the funniest person in the world to her and it makes me feel awesome.

Blank walls are also hilarious to her.

Cutting baby’s nails are terrifying.  The first time we cut her nails was when she was 2 days old and we cut her finger.  She screamed for a minute and then moved on with life, but it still haunts us.  When she came out of my belly, she had Edward Scissorhands esque nails and was constantly cutting her face.  Nowadays, we’re still terrified of using nail clippers so I bite her nails.  Yes, I cut her nails by putting her nails into my mouth and biting them like a Barbarian.  I googled it though and lots of other Moms do this so it’s totally ok to be a animal to my baby.  Now if only I could work on that sharp big toe nail of hers….

The microwave door closes so loudly!  It’s not until you have a sleeping baby in your house will you realize how loud some things are. I now fear the microwave while she sleeps.

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