Summer Tomato Planting

Summer Tomato Planting

It’s tomato time you guys!  One of the most exciting parts of the garden year is Summer tomato planting for us.  The tomatoes always steal the show in the garden during the Summer, so seeing them in the ground gets us excited for the upcoming few months of care, growing, picking and endless tomato sauce cooking in the kitchen.
Summer Tomato Planting tips for transplanting indoor tomato seedlings outside to your garden. Follow these growing and planting tips for a big tomato harvest!

First up… the plant car!  Since we plant the seeds in our Brooklyn apartment to germinate and grow under our grow lights, once the weather allows and the plants are strong enough we transport them Upstate to the garden.  We carefully pack each tomato, tomatillo and pepper plant into the back of our little car away we go!  I always like to think that the plants enjoy their scenic ride Upstate New York to their new home.
Honda Fit carrying Tomato Plants

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