Shopping List for Pregnant Women

Shopping List for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy Shopping List for First Time New Moms.   List includes vitamins, lotions,  pillows, clothes and more to stay healthy and comfortable for 40 weeks!  This post is in partnership with
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The title should read “What a Pregnant Woman Needs… Besides Donuts and Hugs” but it was a little too long.  This post is all about what every pregnant woman needs, or at the very least it’s about what this pregnant woman needs.  Yes, I need donuts. Yes, I need hugs.  Yes, I need my husband to tie my shoes.  Yes, I need the pizza delivery to come in less than 30 minutes because if not I will bawl my eyes out and proclaim I can’t live (true story – happened a few weeks ago).  I’m hungry.  I’m emotional.  I’m uncomfortable.  I’m hard to live with.    But I’m pregnant and carrying a little human inside of me – therefor I’m awesome.

Stylish Overalls for Pregnant Moms!

Celebrating 30 weeks with a Slurpee!


Now that I’m in my 3rd trimester (What up 32 weeks!) these are the products I’ve been using.   Everything here I’ve thoroughly researched before buying and come with glowing reviews! Here’s my pregnancy shopping list!

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