Kale CHERRY TOMATO Rainbow Salad

Kale CHERRY TOMATO Rainbow Salad

Kale CHERRY TOMATO Rainbow Salad with olive oil and lemon dressing is the perfect healthy salad recipe!  This easy salad includes massaged kale, grape tomatoes and colorful peppers to give it a pretty rainbow look!  My family loves this salad for dinner in Summer and Winter, and it’s great for a crowd!  This recipe is sponsored by Peapod.

Do you ever have a meal that you become obsessed with?   All of a sudden you don’t want a different meal every night, you want this one dish every single night until you get sick of it (which doesn’t seem because possible because you love it so much).  That’s how I feel about this kale salad recipe!  I LOVE IT!

Kale Rainbow Salad

I’ve been living on this salad for lunch and dinner.   Even if Matthew talks me into making something else for dinner, I have a big side dish of this salad because I crave it so badly!  A few years ago I wasn’t even that into kale, and then we started growing it and my life was changed forever.   Move over lettuce and arugula, there’s a new best green for salads in town and it’s name is kale!
Kale Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and Peppers

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