Bombay Potatoes and Free Lettuce Seeds!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tasty Bite. All opinions are 100% mine.

I always get so excited when I learn that one of my favorite food companies is helping to promote gardening and growing your own.  As soon as I learned about Tasty Bite’s Good Seed program, I knew I had to share with you guys!

Tasty Bite partnered with to give away free lettuce seeds to people who pledge to share their vegetable harvest!    Tasty Bite has a great range of Thai, Indian and Asian products made with real food and real ingredients.    Their products would go perfect over some fresh garden lettuce! Their goal is to help eliminate waste by helping people grow their own food and share their extra crops by donating to food pantries.  Tasty Bite Good Seed Program is over for this year, but it’s an annual program, so make sure to sign up for their newsletter on for alerts on next year’s Good Seed program. Tasty Bite Lettuce Seeds_3

Our lettuce seeds will be planted in about a week for our Summer garden.  We love growing lettuce because it’s a simple plant that easily grows without much care.   I’m going to repeat what I always say… but how awesome is it go from lettuce seeds… to lettuce seedlings.. Lettuce Seedlings

To full lettuce heads ready to harvest and enjoy in the kitchen! (Don’t forget to check out how I keep lettuce fresh for a month!) 27726887166_53c23bdb67_k


I love Tasty Bite’s Indian food pouches.  For many months I lived on their Bombay Potatoes for lunch.  It tastes just like my favorite local Indian restaurant but is much less expensive than ordering in (Indian food is pricey!).  The potatoes and chickpeas are slow cooked in a thick tomato, onions and spices sauce – perfect for serving over rice or just gobbling up with a spoon. I loved them because I could easily throw a pouch in my bag for lunch and then they would only take 1 minute to heat in the microwave at work.   Sometimes I would make them and friends would ask “Where did you order from? It smells great!” and then I would tell them about my love affair with Tasty Bite.  Their food probably tastes so good because Tasty Bite has a in-house farm and garden facility. They use their farm to grow some of their products and teach their community of farmers the best practices in organic and sustainable farming. Tasty Bite Lettuce Seeds_1

Another one of my favorite is the Madras Lentils which I also got Matthew hooked on.  Just a few days ago we had BBQ chicken for dinner and I couldn’t figure out a side dish besides Brussels Sprouts.  I looked in my cabinets and saw the pouch of Madras Lentils staring at me and so I made that as a side dish.  Matthew loved them so much he asked if there was more…looks like I better stock up now! Tasty Bite Lettuce Seeds

Visit this link to find Tasty Bite products near you, look for the yellow pouch in your grocer’s international food aisle! Make sure to buy the Bombay Potatoes, my favorite, you’re going to love them!   Make sure to check out Tasty Bite’s contest on Facebook and Instagram to nominate a “good seed”, a program that helps promote the idea of doing good deeds.  The winner of the contest will receive a year’s supply of Tasty Bite! Tasty Bite Lettuce Seeds_2

Now go on and grow your lettuce seeds! Have fun!  

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