First 20 Weeks of Pregnancy

First 20 Weeks of Pregnancy

Talking about the first 20 weeks of pregnancy for a first time mom.  Symptoms, Mood, Weight, Ultrasound Pics, Doctor Visits and more discussed! 

I wasn’t sure if I was going to make these types of posts.  And then I got to thinking more about it and felt it would be fun to look back on one day.  Instead of documenting every 1 or 2 weeks, I’m doing Weeks 1-20… and then probably 20-30 and then 30-40, or something like that.  I guess time will tell as I’m facing new experiences.

So here we are..  I’m in Week 24 now but we’re going to just discuss the first 20 weeks for now.  We’ll save talking about how baby is now participating in zumba classes in my belly for another post.  I guess we can get the stats and dates out of the way first.  We had sex on October 14 to make the baby (hello TMI).  Yes, I know the exact date.  My Doctor never believes that I know the exact date but I know because we were working hard on a job and only had time/energy to do the sexy dance once during my peak ovulation week.  You know how they tell you in school it only takes once to get pregnant?  They’re telling the truth.   My ovulation was peak on October 15.  Before trying to get pregnant I had no idea you could track your ovulation with test strips.   I would highly recommend them, even if you aren’t trying to get pregnant as it’s pretty wonderful to really start to witness how amazing your body is and how in tune we can get.  If you’re trying to conceive I’d also suggest using a app (I used Ovia) that tracks your period, symptoms, etc and lets you know when you’re most fertile.   We took a pregnancy test on October 29, which would be DPO (that’s days post ovulation) 14.    It was positive.   So calendar speaking, we found out around Week 4 we were with baby (to make things more confusing the first day of the last menstrual period becomes the date from which pregnancy is counted to start even though conception occurs about two weeks later.)


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