We planted our Spring 2017 garden!

While we’re experiencing a few heated days, we made our way Upstate to start the 2017 garden year and get our veggies planted.  This year we decided to hold off planting a couple weeks due to us having a few scary nights of dropping temperatures last year, but I think we’re in the clear now… and the veggies were ready to move out of Brooklyn and into their new garden home!

We planted our Spring 2017 garden Upstate! Come check out all the veggies we're growing - from broccoli, sugar snap peas, onions, celery and more!

A quick recap, here’s what we planted for our Spring garden and here are the dates that we started the seeds indoors and then moved them outside.
Onions |  March 18 | May 17
Kale   |   March 26 | May 17
Cabbage  | March 26 | May 17
Brussels Sprouts  | March 26 | May 17
Collards   | March 26 | May 17
Bok Choy | March 26 | May 17
Cauliflower   |  March 26 | May 17
Broccoli  |   March 26 | May 17
Celery    |  March 26 | May 17
Lettuce |  April 22 |  TBA
Carrots  | May 17 (directly in soil)
Sugar Snap Peas | May 17 (directly in soil)

As you can see from last year’s Spring veggies, not too much has changed.  We have our usual cast of characters, with one new addition.  This year we’re going to try to grow celery for the first time!   Honestly, the seeds were kind of jerks and really hard to germinate so we had to plant them twice.  Even then, the seedlings looked pretty pathetic and  weren’t up to par with their plant siblings.   At the very last minute I found this pack of 6 celery plants for $2 on our way Upstate so I got them.   We grow all of our veggies from seeds, but this year the celery just wasn’t happening so I had to give in and buy a pack.   Looks like I have to investigate more into these fussy, hard to germinate seeds for next year!
How to Grow Celery

Here’s a cart filled of plants ready to move in.  We use Johnny’s Seeds for pretty much everything, grow them indoors with our DIY grow lights setup and nurture them until they’re ready to move outside.

Last year I went crazy with bok choy plants and planted close to 100 of them – it was a bit overkill.  This year we are growing a few less plants and I’m going to pick them earlier as I think baby bok choy tastes so much better!

Lately we’re kale obsessed and eat at least 3 bunches a week.  I hope we planted enough to hold us over for the Summer!

Usually we split a bag of sugar snap peas up for Spring and Summer but Matthew was complaining that there wasn’t enough sugar snap peas last year so I just went ahead and planted the entire bag – which is 250 plants worth!  If they all come up, we’re going to have so many sugar snap peas Matthew won’t be able to eat anything else!  I presprouted them at home a few days before planting – this works great and I highly recommend doing this if you’re planting sugar snap peas!

Plenty of onions and carrots planted too.  Last year we grew some monster onions so we hope to repeat again this year,  we planted about 50 this year.    Onions last a while so they’re a great plant to grow a lot of, plus you can dry them or make slow cooker caramelized onions to freeze

Here’s some of the greens.  Broccoli, cauliflower, collards, cabbage and Brussels Sprouts…. !

And just like that, the plants moved from Brooklyn to their new home Upstate!  Grow big veggies! Good luck!

Have you started your garden? What are you growing this season – anything new? Let me know in the comments!



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  • Signed up for your blog a few days ago and to be honest, it’s more for the donuts than the veggies but as a new blogger who is making a lifestyle change soon (moving to the country), I’m super excited to follow along and learn some new things!!! We even intend do grow a few things. Thanks for the post – Love it!

  • Going to plant my vege garden this weekend! Along with the usual I found seeds for lemon cucumber which according to the seed package looks a bit like a small lemon with a sweet taste – I’m excited to see. And because Pam inspires me this year I am also giving black beans a try.

  • Am in awe & in love as I usually am after looking & savoring your pictures and the story that goes with them. Do you use all that you harvest, or do you sell, give, donate to friends, relatives & food banks? So incredible, Pamela. Favorite picture in this group is the one with you and your “sprouted baby veggies” & your little girl “sprout” growing away in your tummy. The contrast of the big red urban wall behind you where these sprouts had their great beginnings & our knowledge of where they will live out their days on the beautiful rural property that is your paradise is a study in the “all things being possible” theory!
    My big gardening days are over, now that my hubby has passed away. But, once a gardener, always a gardener.. I’m planting radishes, lettuces, herbs , little bush dukes & tomatoes in pots, this year… time will tell if I get a “harvest”. Only thing going in the ground is ONE EACH(!) of yellow squash & zucchini.?
    To Monica: the little lemon cucumbers were great when I planted them in the past. But, VERY, VERY prolific, so don’t plant tons of them.

  • I can’t wait to see what you guys harvest this year. Last year was impressive! Do you have any concerns about not being able to tend to the garden while you’re delivering / recovering from birth?

    I plant my seedlings and they all died on me again this year (same issue last year) expect for the peas I direct sowed. So I think I’m going to stick with buying plants for a few years. But my plants are doing well, we have 2 kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, spinach, sweet peppers, jalapeno peppers, and peas. My kids are really excited to be a part of the “farming” and making sure the bed is stocked with earthworms.

  • Your post reminded me of how we took our young plants from our potting shed in New Hampshire up to our cottage in Maine each spring. Unfortunately, we had to wait until the very end of May to plant because of frost. Hope you have another bountiful season.

  • oh wow.. that is so cool.
    we started with a few herbs and strawberries this year.. hope to add a fruit or vegetable to the mix each year. I’m not know for my green thumb so want to see how things go this year. The herbs are doing well.. still waiting to see the strawberries come in.. I am afraid all the rain and lack of sunshine will hinder them.

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