Just Breathe Meditation Playlist

Just Breathe Meditation Playlist

Feeling stressed?  Unwind with this meditation playlist! It has everything from sessions that are 5 minutes to guided exercises. 

This Summer I’ve had the pleasure of spending weekends surrounded by green grass, vegetables and silence Upstate in our garden.   Working in a fast paced stressful industry, living in NYC where you are never alone, making sure my 6 babies are taken care of (Husband + Cats) and wondering if my student loan debt will ever disappear leaves me stressed and feeling anxious during the week.    Sure, these stress issues are all things I chose for my life, but that still doesn’t mean I don’t contemplate or worry about them from time to time (I never complain about the cats though).

Last year I started meditating, first by myself, then trying some classes, and then settling by myself again, to see if learning correct breathing exercises and focused relaxation could help me.  Turns out, meditation works great and I saw immediate results in calmness after just trying a few times.  Meditation is a life long process, it’s not as easy as it looks.  Focusing your mind on peace and tranquility is hard work, and something I still struggle with when meditating, but practice makes one stronger.

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