Basil Will Grow If You Clean Your House

Basil Will Grow If You Clean Your House

Tracking Pixel I believe growing your own food is important so I wanted to help promote this project as home gardening is something I feel strongly about! This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day®.

Yes, you read the title right. If you clean your house, basil will grow.  It’ll be like magic, but not really,  because we all know if magic was involved, our houses would be cleaned without us lifting a finger.

But back to the story.  Basil – don’t you love it?  It smells great, is bright green, looks just as pretty growing in the garden as it does in a mason jar, grows easily and is the best friend for sandwichespasta pesto and pizza recipes.


Basil is such a easy plant to grow in the garden and is pretty resistant to the elements to tear it down.  If you’ve ever grown basil you know how big it can grow.  With just these 2 basil plants, we had basil forever!  Bonus is that if you have too much basil, you can dry it to store in jars (great for sprinkling in casseroles, soups, lasagna, etc).
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