Happy Birthday Xanadu!

Happy Birthday Xanadu!

Today is Xanadu’s 10th Birthday!  
Happy 8th Birthday to Xanadu Pluto! 8 years ago she came into our lives and it's never been the same since! Love you Xany! #cat #cats #siamese #siamesecat #whitecat #xanadu #birthday #happybirthday #catsofinstagram #cake

Xanadu joined our family when she was 3 months old.  She was a handful from the start.  Everything you read about Siamese cats being cunning, intelligent and vocal are all absolutely true.  This was our first Siamese cat and I remember being shocked by how chatty she was, how her meows sounded like baby cries, and how good she was at problem solving (or starting problems).
Here she is minutes after joining our family.

Xanadu has seen us go through so much with work and life.  She took care of Essy in her last days and has welcomed 3 other cats into her home (clarification: she does not welcome FiFi Bofinkles into her home – they will never get along).
Xanadu and Goblin_1

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