Interview with FiFi Bofinkles About Meow Mix®

Interview with FiFi Bofinkles About Meow Mix®

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Meow Mix®. All opinions are 100% mine./em>

*This interview is true. Nothing has been fabricated.  FiFi Bofinkles really told me these statements And yes, I use a kitchen tool as a microphone.  We are very professional here at BFG.*

Hey FiFi Bofinkles. You are looking good today.  Can I get your thoughts on some new food?
“Thanks Mom.  Did you mention food”?
FiFi Bofinkles and Meow Mix_4

Oh I did. I wanted to get FiFi Bofinkles opinion on Meow Mix® Heart Healthy + Oral Care food because she’s kind of a food expert.  She’s spent her last 15 years eating lots of food, and then asking for more food. She’s spent those years bullying cats to be the first one at the bowls (and the last).  There’s not a can of food or a treat that FiFi Bofinkles doesn’t like.  Ok, she doesn’t like lemons.  She wanted me to tell you that.

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