P+M Upstate Adventure: Planning the 2016 Garden – Check out our layout!

P+M Upstate Adventure: Planning the 2016 Garden – Check out our layout!

Remember I posted about the garden shivers on Monday?  That feeling you get when you’re so excited about the upcoming garden season, you shake from happiness?  Yeah. I got the garden shivers bad.  I’m so excited.. I just can’t hide it.. I’m about to lose my mind and plant way too much corn!

The garden season is always exciting, but this year it has a new excitement to it as it has so many unknowns.  As many of you know, Matthew and I will be starting a larger garden Upstate this year, on our new land project.   To go from growing on our rooftop in Brooklyn to growing in the real ground Upstate, there’s going to be changes and surprises.   To begin with, our garden season is going to get shorter.  Usually we’d start planting our seeds indoors in January but we won’t be planting them until next week as the last day of frost is May 31st in our new zone of 5A.  (by the way, I found this really helpful site that lists growing seasons by zone).  From there, the garden season lasts “safely” until the last freeze free date which is October 1st.  We’ll try extending it as long as we can!   The big change here is size.  Our garden just got a whole lot bigger with the land.   That means we can grow more vegetables and try new things.  It also means figuring out what can grow best in this zone, along with our rocky clay soil (I’m getting a soil test done right now – will post about results!).    I’m also ready for heart break.  There’s going to be heart break.  Animals.  Weather.  Diseases.   A gardener has to be prepared for a few garden tears.  But a gardener also has to dream big in my opinion.  That makes it so much more fun and exciting. 🙂

Knowing that we have to get our seeds planted soon, and being affected by the garden shivers at a very high rate, we sat down this week to plan the garden.  This is not 100% firm as things change once you are in the garden space, but it’s pretty close to what we’ll do.

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