How to Make Customize Gifts for Cat Lovers!

We try to make as many things as we can.  Matthew is a handy man so that means our dinner table, bed, living room tables and more were all made by him.  On our walls are photos we’ve made or illustrations we’ve commissioned artists to do.   Even my favorite sweatshirt has sweet Goblin’s face on it.

Goblin Sweatshirt

When it comes to the holidays for gifts and decor I’m all about customizing as much as I can.  I hand stamp the wrapping paper.  I made the gift tags. For our greeting cards, we always like to personalize them as much as we can to make them stand out and cause the recipient a smile.

For this year’s cards I decided to try to dress Goblin and Xanadu up… and you can see it went great.  So instead of scrapping the idea, why not use the failed photos for a laugh?
Custom Printed Christmas Gifts_1
Custom Printed Christmas Gifts_4

So if you’re a friend or family member you’ll be getting this photo shoot on card stock in your mailbox very soon!  Hope you enjoy the laugh.

I recently became obsessed with Print services to make our holiday cards and holiday decorations/gifts.  Basically I want to print on everything.   So far this month I’ve gotten cards, calendars, aprons, pillows, mugs, lunch bags and a shower curtain made for gifts!  I think it’s so much more special when you receive a gift that you know someone put time into?  Whenever I receive anything personalized or DIY I cherish that gift forever!

For our holiday cards I used Staples design website to easily make our own cards.  I just uploaded the photos, picked a template, added my text and they were done.  Also big bonus plants on personalized envelopes being included with the cards too.  My right hand thanks you Staples!
Custom Printed Christmas Gifts_6

I got the cards in the mail in less than a week after designing them.  All you have to do is fold them up and they’re ready to be thrown in the envelope.  Good store bought cards can be on the pricey side but these were comparable or even cheaper than picking cards up in NYC.    
Custom Printed Christmas Gifts_3

What else did I make for gifts? Well I made a calendar for someone, who if they are reading this post they are totally going to know it’s for them. DAD SHUT YOUR EYES RIGHT NOW.






Ok he’s gone.


Ok I hope he’s gone.
Every year I get him a customized calendar with his favorite girl on it… Xanadu!  I can’t wait till he opens it!
*Can’t post picture  because I know he’s still here reading!*

I surprised Matthew with a new lunch bag!  This is a photo we took at our first solo show in London a few years ago.  This was a dinosaur we had on one of the walls in the show.    Whenever we look at it we’ll remember what a great experience it was and helped us grow.
Custom Printed Christmas Gifts_9

But the 2 most favorite gifts…

Lots of my friends love cats.  I know, shocking.  I have friends who have dogs, but let’s be honest, give me cat chatter any time.   And cat people love their cats.  Really love them.  So what says I LOVE YOU more than a pillow with their cat’s face on it? I got a pillow with Brother on it for our home and everyone who walks in here loves it.  I got it because Brother doesn’t want to cuddle with anyone (well his Mom a little bit) but now everyone can cuddle with him.    

To be honest, I got it for Goblin because his life dream is to sleep with his arm around Brother Bear.
Custom Printed Christmas Gifts_10

And now Toes can finally join his Maine Coon family.
Custom Printed Christmas Gifts_11

I showed Brother his own pillow.   He is very good at hiding his feelings, but I bet inside he’s smiling.
Custom Printed Christmas Gifts_12

And finally… have you ever wanted your own personalized shower curtain? Well look no further. 

We have 2 stuffed snowmen, their names are Jolly and Jolly’s Brother.  We got them in 2003 when we first started dating.  We spent our first Christmas with them. Throughout the years we’ve posed them by our Christmas tree and they always leave Santa a note and cookies.   They are basically our kids, made out of snow.

Last year I posted this photo on Instagram of them.  Not only do they leave cookies, but also carrots.  They are the best.
Jolly and Jolly's brother wait for Santa. We ate all the cookies so they baked fresh chocolate chip scones and left garden carrots for the reindeer. Now time to sleep... #snowmen #santa #disney #jolly #scones #carrots #christmas

I really love that picture and it’s special to me that we personify and cherish our family we’ve made together so when I saw the shower curtain option I had to do it.
Custom Printed Christmas Gifts_15

Come on, it’s amazing, right? Now when you get out of the shower and look in the mirror to see Jolly smiling at you. And he totally won’t judge you, I promise (he’s naked too). 
Custom Printed Christmas Gifts_14


I hope this has given you some ideas on how to personalize your cards and home for the holidays!
Is there any gifts you are personalizing this year?
What do your holiday cards look like?


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