Corn Salad Avocado Party Appetizer

Corn Salad Avocado Party Appetizer

Avocados filled with Corn Salad make the perfect party appetizer! These are easy to make! I love this Corn Salad Avocado Party Appetizer recipe!

Avocado, you beautiful thing.  Want to know a surprising fact? I had my first avocado in my 20’s.  As a kid we would never have them in the house and I never tasted guacamole.  Then I slowly started to eat them as a sliced topping on my favorite tortilla soup.  Now today, I’m licking clean (TMI?) the guacamole bowl.    So yeah, I love you avocado, I’m sorry it took me so long to realize this.

Avocado Party Appetizer

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner I’m starting to think about parties.  I love a good potluck where all your friends gather together and bring all types of food to enjoy.   So I got to thinking about avocados…what could I do besides the usual guacamole?  And what I could do fun with them?  Then one afternoon it hit me, Avocado Sailboats!  And even better they’re filled with my favorite Mexican Corn Salad.

The Best Avocado Appetizer!

These are simple to make.  You can easily make a few dozen of these Avocado Sailboats in less than 15 minutes.  I love that they’re full of fresh ingredients unlike some other fried finger foods that might make its way to the table.    I hope you give these a try!

These Avocado Sailboats Filled With Mexican Corn Salad is a fun recipe that is perfect for parties!

You’ll need 12 avocados which will make 24 sailboats.  If you want to scale it up or down, then do the math accordingly.  Or you can just follow the recipe exactly and if you have leftover salsa eat it with a spoon, it’s that good.

Corn Salad Avocado Party Appetizer Recipe
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