How to Make Tomato Powder Out of Tomato Skins

How to Make Tomato Powder Out of Tomato Skins

How to Make Tomato Powder out of tomato skins! You’ll never throw away tomato skins again!

It’s raining tomatoes!  Don’t I always say that during July and August? Well it’s true.  You won’t believe how many pounds of tomatoes we grew this year and I’m not going to tell you because I will save it for the big Summer harvest weight chart post coming sometime in September.  You guys know I love my Stewed Tomatoes recipe but with that comes alot of extra tomato skins.  I’ve been composting them for years but this year I was set on using them in a recipe.  

How to Use Tomato Skins

I wanted to use the tomato skins in a unique way that can be enjoyed in different recipes and ways throughout the seasons.  So making tomato powder and tomato flakes it is!

What can you do with tomato powder?
-Sprinkle on slices of pizza.
-Use on sandwiches on subs.
-Throw in soups, stews and chili. 
-Use as a meat seasoning.
-Throw in tomato sauces for more tomato flavor!
-Popcorn. (Thanks Kelly!)

It’s up to you if you want to make tomato powder or tomato flakes.  Both are dried the same way, but the decision comes in how you process it.  Do you want it flaky? Or fine powder? For a powder use a coffee grinder, and for flakes use a food processor (or even a mortar and pestle would work).  

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