No Boil Rotini Pasta With Plenty of Vegetables

No Boil Rotini Pasta With Plenty of Vegetables

It’s not often that taking photos of a recipe actually takes longer than how long it took me to make the dish!

We’ve been busy with work lately so when we get home we usually want a quick  meal so we can gather in front of the television and watch NBA playoffs (best time of the year, go Cavs, go Nets).  Pasta is a great quick meal but are you ever so hungry that you can’t even wait for the water to boil?    Let me introduce you to Barilla’s Pronto pasta which is one pan, no boil, no drain pasta.   I wasn’t sold on it when I first heard about it – I mean seriously, I didn’t have to boil the water? But after multiple recipes, I’m hooked.  A great tasting pasta dish with fresh vegetables that actually only takes 10 minutes?  Totally sold.  

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Say hello to No Boil Rotini Pasta With Plenty of Vegetables, it’s my new favorite quick dinner recipe. Fact: We had it for dinner last night!  This recipe calls for red peppers, yellow peppers, tomatoes and basil so it’s a fresh harvest meal!  I can’t wait until Summer time when I can pick our peppers and tomatoes from our garden and throw them right in this dish.   This dish is entirely customizable too,  add whatever vegetables you want!  It’s a great dish to clean out that refrigerator!   Never let a pepper go bad, life motto to live by. :D)

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