Tea Party With teapigs

Tea Party With teapigs

With the garden ready for Spring, I set my sights on something that needed cleaning.  No, not the windows, or floors or closet, this was a big job…

THE TEA CABINET! (insert detective drama music here).

I have a tea cabinet.  Actually, I have 2.  Actually I have 2 tea cabinets and a place on top of the countertop that is visible that is storing my new tea treasures.  When I took over the bottom cabinet Matthew was ok with it, after all, I love tea. When I took over the 4 shelf cabinet next to the stove with tea, he gave me a side glance and a little mumble under his breath.  When he noticed the tea boxes sitting next to the cooking utensils on the counter a few days ago he said “Really?”.  Ok, Ok! I will clean it up.  But I have so much tea.  And it’s so pretty! And why are you making me do this! It’s so unfair.  Can’t I fill the kitchen with tea?  

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So muttering under my own breath, talking sweetly to my teas, I ventured into the kitchen yesterday to finally straighten out the tea area.  Boxes were recycled, teas were sorted by green and black, loose tea that is seasonal was moved to the back, teas that I will never learn to love were boxed up for tea loving friends and memories were had with each smell of the leaves.  

If you’re a tea lover, then you probably know the feeling, which is why it’s a great time of the year to clean out your teas!   By cleaning out your shelves you might find that special jasmine tea that you loved last Spring but totally forgot was there.  Also, the more you clean out the more room it leaves to try new brands and varieties. No, I’m not saying fill up those cabinets again with tea, but when you’re browsing the tea aisle maybe you won’t feel as bad buying that one new box.

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