PHIN & PHEBES Ice Cream Review

PHIN & PHEBES Ice Cream Review

Let me introduce you to PHIN & PHEBES Ice Cream,  better known as your future bff.

I first learned about this new ice cream at NYU’s Women’s Entrepreneur Festival.  We were ready to sit down to hear a investor panel talk and suddenly one of the girls at my table asked me if I tried the ice cream.  What, there’s ice cream?  Turns out I got in the line for “cookies only”, not “cookies and ice cream”.  So I jumped back up, ran to the ice cream line and got 2 nice scoops of creamy ice cream.  Then my ice cream loving heart was changed forever.

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The next day I contacted PHIN & PHEBES to tell them they were making the best ice cream I ever tasted in my life.    Sometimes people can exaggerate when they say “This is the best (insert food) I ever tasted!” but I’m being 100% honest here that this is “da bomb” (do they still say that?).   The ice cream comes in multiple flavors, all of which I’m reviewing below.    

But first, a little about these awesome ice cream making ladies.   Phin & Phebes (pronounced “Fin” and “Feebes”) make ice cream in Brooklyn, New York. They make unique and interesting flavors with a little something for everyone. All of their flavors start out in their home kitchen and then they produce them on a larger scale to share with you!  Their philosophy about ice cream is simple: it should be fun for adults and kids, unpretentious, delicious (of course) and surprising in the best way possible. 

They made their  first batch of ice cream in February of 2010 when looking for a yummy wintertime hobby. They brainstormed a flavor that was inspired by the Ritz cracker sandwiches filled with marshmallow and peanut butter that they loved as kids. They cranked it up a notch though and covered these in caramel and chocolate and broke them up into a sweet cream base. The results? “Fluffnut” ice cream, their first flavor and also now the name of their dog.

No more waiting, let’s get to the ice cream!

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