Rininging in the New Year With a Fresh Broccoli Harvest Under The Greenhouse

Rininging in the New Year With a Fresh Broccoli Harvest Under The Greenhouse

It’s the last day of 2014.  Doesn’t it feel like I was just saying that about 2013?  

Now a new year begins with new years resolutions, positive spirits and the never ending mistake of continuing to write the year 2014 until at least May.  I have some specific resolutions in 2014 (not really resolutions but goals – run a 5K, build permanent greenhouses, learn to budget), but more so they are vague but yet personal on other levels, “be positive”, “do you”. I feel like 2015 can be a important chapter in life, both professionally and personally so I’m here to welcome it in!  

Do you have any resolutions?  This year is the year to learn how to make social networking work.   I’m best on Instagram, ok on Facebook, not that great on Twitter and only on Pinterest in the PM.  I try to do them all, but how does anyone have time in the day to successfully post interesting and witty thoughts on them?  In January I’m going to really investigate how to value social networking more, attend a festival of like minded women and look to how to extend Brooklyn Farm Girl.  There are already a few things cooking in my brain pipes, so I’m excited to start the year off with a bang.

I recently got a new phone, Motorola Moto X which I’ve been trying to customize to fit my lifestyle.  How much time do I spend on the street looking at maps or texting on a corner or walking West on a street while meaning to walk East (hey, it happens – alot).  2 years ago I made a switch with my phone and again this December I made another big switch to the Android World.  Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been playing with all the customized features and finding the right apps to help me during the day.

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