Red Christmas Gingerbread Pancakes

Red Christmas Gingerbread Pancakes

These RED CHRISTMAS Gingerbread Pancakes are fun for the holidays!  This recipe is easy to make for a family!  Serve them with a powdered sugar frosting tree on top! Perfect for Christmas morning breakfast!

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is Christmas morning.  As a kid my parents had a rule that I had to stay upstairs until they went downstairs first and put on the tree lights.   When Santa came on Christmas Eve came he would decorate our tree, so the first time I would see it all lit up and decorated is Christmas Morning.   Mom and Dad had a good idea here, don’t let the kids involved in tree decorating. Instead, lie to them and tell them they better not decorate because it’s Santa’s job and Santa will be angry if he doesn’t have a tree to decorate.  It’s not like Santa doesn’t have millions of other plans that night, right?

Christmas Breakfast recipe

Now we decorate our tree weeks in advance, but Christmas morning is still special.  Why? Because it’s one of the most delicious breakfast meals of the year!  There’s always bacon sizzling, bread toasting, eggs however you want and the big plate of pancakes. Oh yes, would it be a holiday morning without the sweet smell of maple syrup poured over moist and delicious pancakes?

 These bright red Gingerbread Pancakes are fun for the holidays! Serve them with a powdered sugar frosting tree on top! Perfect for Christmas morning breakfast!

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